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Sweet Berry Farm berry picking-they are now open f...

Blog: Two Rooster Ranch in Marble Falls, TX   -   Monday March 21, 2011   -   By Todd and Carol

If you can get a chance to hop on out to Marble Falls The Sweet Berry Farm is now open!  Yesterday we went and got a huge basket brimming of hand picked strawberris, came home and made a strawberry cobbler!  What a fun event for the family!...

Spring has Sprung and the chickens are laying

Blog: Two Rooster Ranch in Marble Falls, TX   -   Thursday March 03, 2011   -   By Todd and Carol

They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away...but have you tried the same theory with a fresh farm egg a day?  Our hens are happy and well cared for and eat mostly off the land.  We have a wide variety of brown and cream colored eggs ready to...

You can't cry over non-delivered milk.

Blog: Green Grocer Chicago   -   Sunday January 11, 2009   -   By Cassie

In running a small grocery store that works primarily with small and local farms and producers, you get to deal with situations that stores like Jewel and Whole Foods never even dream about (or have nightmares about as it were).   On most days, I...

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