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Picking up the Birds and the Bees

Blog: North Star Homestead Farms, LLC   -   Sunday May 25, 2014   -   By Ann, Laura, and Kara

There are so many things happening all at once on a farm in springtime—lambs are being born, the rubble of autumn’s garden is being transformed into new green life, chicks are hatching in the incubator or arriving at the post office, and new colonies...

More Organization Tips: The Office, The Daily Home...

Blog: For Dragonflies And Me   -   Wednesday September 05, 2012   -   By Neil & Jean

Our homes should be a blessing to our family... and whether we like it or not, we moms/wives/ladies can make it or break it!  We need to strive to create an environment that is welcoming, peaceful and cozy for all who...

Canning tip of the week!

Blog: The Jam and Jelly Lady   -   Wednesday April 14, 2010   -   By Sonya

Starting today, I'm going to write one canning tip per week.  It IS the beginning of canning season, right?  The strawberries are just about ready to burst, herbs are appearing, and canners are pulling equipment from their basements and...

Stuck in the Office

Blog: Bloom Where You're Planted Farm   -   Monday March 02, 2009   -   By Teresa

I'm stuck in the office today working on our income tax paperwork.  Our accountant called over the weekend wondering when we wanted to schedule our annual appointment.  Guess I can't put it off any longer. Doing our taxes is one...

Its hard to find good help these days!

Blog: Bloom Where You're Planted Farm   -   Saturday January 17, 2009   -   By Teresa

I'm the first to admit that I'm a procrastinator and very good at putting off the paperwork that goes along with running our farm-based business.  I can't get motivated until the last minute, and the last minute is here.  My Nebraska state sales...


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