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Building Connections

Blog: North Star Homestead Farms, LLC   -   Thursday October 16, 2014   -   By Ann, Laura, and Kara

Some folks think that farming is for the asocial, with lots of time alone on the tractor.  It’s a job for folks who like animals better than people or who just want to grow things and not deal with marketing.  But for the small-scale, farm-to-table...

On-Farm Goat Auction/Sale (many are young does)

Blog: The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms   -   Thursday May 27, 2010   -   By Alan and Susan

We will have an on-farm goat auction/sale on May 29th from 8:00-10:00am.  We need to decrease our Nubian/Boer mix herd so we can increase our Saanen herd.  We are an Animal Welfare Approved farm and our goats are on a rotational...

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