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The Joys of Fall

Blog: Woods' Edge Apples Orchard   -   Monday September 22, 2014   -   By Laurie

When you're growing food, every year is a different experience.  Though we lost around 400 trees to the harsh winter, reducing our overall crop volume, the apples we do have are absolutely beautiful.  Good size, deep red coloring and excellent...

Local Sour Cherries

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Wednesday July 03, 2013   -   By Katie

{Image Credit} Understory Farm and Orchard This picture is from June 19. On Monday (July 1) the trees were bursting with fully-ripe cherries! It’s cherry season! On Monday Owen and I picked 30 pounds of beautiful sour cherries at Understory Farm and...

Making way for more Tropicals+

Blog: Back2theBeginning   -   Friday May 10, 2013   -   By J

Invasive coming down making way for the beginnings of our Tropical Orchard.  Gonna have much to do to prepare the earth for our saplings. Our worms have been doing their part to amend the soil, & we've been composting everything.   Even...

Quince jelly!

Blog: Bindel Farms   -   Friday December 28, 2012   -   By Jason

  A couple months ago, I received a whole plastic grocery bag full of fresh quince from a local orchard not too far from our farm.  After debating about what to do with them, I decided to make a fabulous quince jelly last month.  ...

Royalty Pecan Farms in September

Blog: What's Happening on the Farm | Royalty Pecan Farms   -   Wednesday September 12, 2012   -   By RoyaltyPecans

At this time of year, the nuts are fully expanded but not completely filled yet. We’ll continue irrigation around the clock to help fill out the pecan kernels. During September, we concentrate on preparing everything for the upcoming pecan harvest. That means...

Royalty Pecan Farms in August

Blog: What's Happening on the Farm | Royalty Pecan Farms   -   Saturday August 25, 2012   -   By RoyaltyPecans

In July, the water the trees take up expands the size of the nuts. If there’s not enough water, the size will be small. In August, the water intake is devoted to expanding the size of the kernel inside the expanded nut. During the growing season, the overall...

About Our Farm

Blog: What's Happening on the Farm | Royalty Pecan Farms   -   Saturday August 25, 2012   -   By RoyaltyPecans

Our Story In the Heart of Texas, where the Old San Antonio Road crosses the majestic Brazos River, lies a fertile piece of God’s earth known as Royalty Pecan Farms. Here we grow one of nature’s most healthful foods: the Texas pecan. History records that...

Plan A New Garden Now, Apple Orchard Strudel

Blog: For Dragonflies And Me   -   Thursday June 28, 2012   -   By Neil & Jean

Planning a new garden is always so much fun for me.  Each year I get to draw up field, garden and flower bed plot plans! This is one way that I spend my winter days!    If you start with a garden journal and jot down...

Harvest is Coming!!!

Blog: An apple a day   -   Thursday August 05, 2010   -   By Ken

What a strange year!  Or maybe nothing is strange anymore.  Hit 80 in March , orchard began blooming three weeks early, and then hard freeze Mothers" Day.  We lost about 30% of the blossoms I think so harvest will be low this year. ...

A whole year gone

Blog: An apple a day   -   Monday May 03, 2010   -   By Ken

Wow, a year gone by.  This spring is so different than last year, it's hard to believe it's the same orchard.  Last year at this time there wasn't a blossom to be seen, this year several trees are already in full bloom.  We are 3-4 weeks ahead...

Spring has Sprung

Blog: An apple a day   -   Sunday May 03, 2009   -   By Ken

I'm not much of a blogger--you can see that from the long time between posts, but as I walked the orchard yesterday I thought "this is worth writing about."   Despite the picture on my listing page, the trees are not blooming yet, but...

Old Folks At Home (Bees!)

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Tuesday April 21, 2009   -   By Chris

Here is our newly painted hive awaiting arrival of Her Royal Highness, along with 10,000 or so faithful servants. They actually come in the mail, believe it or not! That's right, I used a lopped off black cherry tree trunk for the front...

I Can Smell Spring in the Air!

Blog: Double Oak Farm   -   Friday February 13, 2009   -   By Lori

So what does Spring smell like? Maybe not what you would expect. Around here long before the spring peepers make their first chirp, before the robins return, before the outdoors begins to smell of thawing earth there are two sure signs that spring is on it's...

Meyer Lemons

Blog: St. Fairsted Farm   -   Sunday December 07, 2008   -   By Ang

Meyer lemon blooms have a lovely fragrance; the blooms are just the beginning of the "deliciousness " to come. A cross between a  lemon and a mandarin orange originating from China arriving to the U.S. in 1908 via Frank Meyer ( thus the name...

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