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Blog: Living Water Farm   -   Monday December 10, 2012   -   By Terri

Well welcome to my new blog!!  I am trying this yet again as I have had a blog in the past.  I want to post at least weekly with happenings at the farm.  Right now I am planning a new garden plot.  De-weeding is the first order of...


What A Day, What A Day!!

Blog: Prairie Pride Farm of Minnesota   -   Thursday September 22, 2011   -   By Dawn, past 4-H member

On Sept 2nd we had the first fire on the farm that I know of.  Roger had just been outside doing morning chores then came in the office of the house to make a few phone calls and a neighbor starting pounding on the kitchen door.  "Do you...

Remember the movie that never made it to a theatre...

Blog: Alternative Community Farmer/WPB.FL   -   Wednesday July 21, 2010   -   By Tony

I really want to share with you some news as they were told to us, how an official who works for USDA and has a say on many of  FARMERS  LIVES gets FIRED one day then gets HIRED the next day because of how we PAINT THEIR  PICTURE...


Haven on Earth

Blog: Ward Hilltop Farm   -   Friday December 04, 2009   -   By LuvPats

Fourth generation farmers, we delight in building a traditional country farm atmosphere.  A 'haven on earth', hillsides surround us speckled with cattle, as well as wildlife and birds attracted by Conservation Reserve Program acreage strewn with prairie...

Day at the Farm

Blog: Cackleberry Farm   -   Thursday September 10, 2009   -   By Billy and Beth

This morning my youngest and I were doing school. She said "Mom I really like homeschooling". My response was "Good". Then she proceeded to tell me when she grows up she wants to be a "Farm Lady" like me. I ponder that for a while...

Time Off for Jamming

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Wednesday June 17, 2009   -   By Chris

Aside from my work at the farm and being a 7th grade Language Arts teacher, I also enjoy playing music.  This past weekend I was able to jam with some friends who I've known musically for many years.  We got a chance to put together some tunes and I...

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