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Blog: 701 Farm Market   -   Friday December 28, 2012   -   By Penny-Lou

Hi, we buy and sell local NC pecans. My Daddy cracks and picks out our pecans by hand. He then packages the halves and pieces in 1lb. ziplock bags. Our halves are $8.50 and our pieces are $8.00 per lb. Mama's (Glenda R. Langston) Perky Pecans Preheat oven to...


Opening for 2013-2014 Season!

Blog: Byrd's Pecans   -   Thursday September 27, 2012   -   By Justin

Opening up for the 2013-2014 Season beginning October 15th.  Missouri looks like it will have a good crop for the 2nd year in a row. Prices on the wholesale market were pretty soft last year, but expect a little bump due to a poor US crop as a...

Pecan Pre-Harvest Checklist

Blog: What's Happening on the Farm | Royalty Pecan Farms   -   Wednesday September 12, 2012   -   By RoyaltyPecans

Pecan harvest season is just around the corner! Depending on the variety, most pecans should be ready to harvest in the next two to three months. Do you have pecan trees on your land? We've put together this simple outline to help you start planning for...

Royalty Pecan Farms in September

Blog: What's Happening on the Farm | Royalty Pecan Farms   -   Wednesday September 12, 2012   -   By RoyaltyPecans

At this time of year, the nuts are fully expanded but not completely filled yet. We’ll continue irrigation around the clock to help fill out the pecan kernels. During September, we concentrate on preparing everything for the upcoming pecan harvest. That means...

The Art of Substitution

Blog: Millican Pecan Company   -   Thursday August 30, 2012   -   By Kristen

We live rather far from town. In fact, what my girlfriends consider “in the sticks”. We moved here as soon as we got married, which has almost been ten years ago. As a result, I have learned the art of substitution in my cooking endeavors. What I mean is that...

Royalty Pecan Farms in August

Blog: What's Happening on the Farm | Royalty Pecan Farms   -   Saturday August 25, 2012   -   By RoyaltyPecans

In July, the water the trees take up expands the size of the nuts. If there’s not enough water, the size will be small. In August, the water intake is devoted to expanding the size of the kernel inside the expanded nut. During the growing season, the overall...

About Our Farm

Blog: What's Happening on the Farm | Royalty Pecan Farms   -   Saturday August 25, 2012   -   By RoyaltyPecans

Our Story In the Heart of Texas, where the Old San Antonio Road crosses the majestic Brazos River, lies a fertile piece of God’s earth known as Royalty Pecan Farms. Here we grow one of nature’s most healthful foods: the Texas pecan. History records that...

Right Where I Want To Be

Blog: Millican Pecan Company   -   Sunday August 19, 2012   -   By Kristen

Most of the time you will read about a pecan orchard and you can tell that the minds that formulated the words came from a man. Of course, I love to listen to my husband talk about life in the pecan orchards because his eyes light up and his voice reflects...

2009 Pecans

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Wednesday November 11, 2009   -   By Chickadee1

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well!  I believe the drought is officially over here in Georgia, and then some!  I think we are all a little weary of the rain.  On another subject, can you believe I am still picking green beans in ...


It's Official!

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Wednesday October 21, 2009   -   By Chickadee1

It is now officially fall in my book! The pecans are falling and the crows are hovering, have to get back out there and chase them off....crows and squirrels, they love the nuts!  If you need some pecans, go to my page and see what i have available....


Date Pecan Bon Bons

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Thursday April 09, 2009   -   By Cynthia

Peeps for the holidays?  Nah.  Impress your friends with these sweet, coconutty, orange-zesty treats.  Recipe at Cookus Interruptus .  We make these in cooking class at Bastyr University and students love them because they're yummy and...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2009 will be DEVINE!

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Thursday January 01, 2009   -   By Chickadee1

Hello all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm glad to have entered another new year with The greenhouse is keeping all the baby herbs warm, and before we know it spring will be here again. Until then....I got a new seed catalog yesterday and am spending...

Dec 16 - Have A Merry Christmas!

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Tuesday December 16, 2008   -   By Chickadee1

Hello all, hope everyone is having a great December so far! The pecan crop was outstanding this year. If you haven't tried Georgia pecans, I still have some, go to my homepage and click on visit our store. You can get either shelled or still in the shell,...

Georgia Pecans and cold weather

Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Thursday November 20, 2008   -   By Chickadee1

Just checking in.....we had a good freeze the other night and it zapped the impatiens, oh well, it was time i suppose. I picked some salad greens this evening and had them for dinner. Arugula and baby greens, mixed.  I love Arugula, it's my new favorite...


Blog: Debbie's Garden   -   Tuesday November 11, 2008   -   By Chickadee1

Hi all, fall is definitely here! A nip in the air...and the pecans are falling and the crows are fighting over them. However, I am fighting THEM and I am winning at the moment! :-)  You will find these luscious (?) Georgia Pecans for sale at my online...


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