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Walnuts are done!

Blog: The Kucek Family Farm   -   Wednesday November 06, 2013   -   By Maria

Walnuts:  The harvest is over!  What a great year we had for walnuts, and for the first year ever with a big thanks to my brother, we got the complete harvest completed in under a month. Not only that, the walnuts look great.  And according to...

Doubting the Persimmon Seeds

Blog: Double Oak Farm   -   Wednesday January 28, 2009   -   By Lori

One of our favorite family activities each fall is checking the persimmon seeds. Our neighbor has many prolific persimmon trees and she generously provides us with persimmons each year. She also taught us about the persimmon seeds. The legend says that if...

essences of thanksgiving

Blog: Tributary Farm   -   Thursday November 27, 2008   -   By Ozarkpoppy

Huxley (three years old) and Roland (three weeks old) and I went walking up into our wild part of the farm yesterday.  The sky was blue as blue and the day was warm. We found one dried but quite sugary persimmon  left hanging, we ate fingerfulls of...

Rites of Fall

Blog: Kiss My Grass Farm   -   Saturday October 18, 2008   -   By Dot and Brian

The changing season brings with it some new chores around our place. The last batch of broiler chicks has gone to the pasture, we're putting up the hoop house for winter quarters to house the laying hens in warmth and comfort for the cold months and the new...

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