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Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Friday July 18, 2014   -   By Phil

The busy season picking is upon us! With the usual mix of beans, kale, leeks, broccoli, greens and such, we have had a banner year for currants. We hand pick, so it is time-consuming, but we are pleased with the size and large quantity of berries. The bushes...

Smell The Roses!

Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Thursday May 29, 2014   -   By Phil

  As the planting season is in full bore, many times we find ourselves so busy we don't know which way to turn. Tilling, plowing, weeding and planting are just some of our chores we try to fit in our busy days. Once in a while I like to take a break, walk...

Planting Update

Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Monday May 05, 2014   -   By Phil

  Just to update everyone on progress in the fields. The first and second plantings of our spring crops are in and growing. The soil is still too cool to start beans or corn but we are making progress as areas dry up to where we can work the soil and add...

Not So Early Start

Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Wednesday April 09, 2014   -   By Phil

  It seems spring is trying to get here, but 1 day of 50's then back to snow showers and rain in the 30's make it look like it is taking it's slow, sweet time getting here. Normally we would have already planted early lettuce, radish, spinach and the...

Timing is Everything

Blog: The Depot Farm   -   Monday March 03, 2014   -   By Phil

  Many times we face feast or famine when we plant crops. With proper planning you don't have to eat broccoli for 2 weeks straight because all your plants were ready all at once. With a CSA and retail sales at the farmers markets, we need to spread out...

Getting Ready For Winter

Blog: Blooming Patches Farm   -   Tuesday October 22, 2013   -   By Barb

  Making Changes at the Farm For Future Was given this year two young sour Cherry Heirloom Trees Getting ready to Plant them and hope I can out smart the Rabbit and Deer till summer the the Birds. Thinning out and tying up the many type of Raspberry...


Planting Begins at Jay Street Garden

Blog: For The Good, Inc. Community Gardens   -   Friday April 20, 2012   -   By Cassandra

Larry Drake of Feed Our Vets and Garden Manager have begun planting at Jay Street Garden. Two beds so far. Several chard varieties in one bed and two rows of Danver half longs, two rows of mesculin mix and a section of radishes in another. The DSS group was in...

PoplularPansies and ColorfulCabbage

Blog: Herbs en' Route 'Your Herbal Minute'   -   Tuesday September 01, 2009   -   By Michelle

Herbs en' Route  - Our Fall cool weather plantings include popular pansies and the decorative cabbage  Mix n' match until you find the right color combination for your Fall landscape or container gardening.  Herbs en' Route bedding plant pansies...

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