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February 4, 2013 -- the Turkeys are Coming!

Blog: KaPa De'Le Farm   -   Monday February 04, 2013   -   By Karen

We are having beautiful weather here in Northern CA!  Temps are in the 60's, and even though I know that Old Man Winter will return with a vengence I am enjoying watching the trees budding, listening to the birds singing and now the Turkeys...

Midget White Turkey Poults Hatch

Blog: Flip Flop Ranch   -   Saturday July 03, 2010   -   By Serina

Midget White turkeys start life with irony and I have a feeling they will continue to live and develop as a breed that is very unique in its personality.  Midget White eggs are HUGE compared to other turkey eggs and the poults (baby turkeys) hatch much...

Watching Babies

Blog: The Call Again Farm Journal   -   Wednesday April 29, 2009   -   By Laura

It's so fun to watch the chicks!  Whenever I go outside, some are resting, some are eating, and a few are running around.  When they see me though, towering over them like a big predator or a hawk, they all run and hop-fly into a huddle....

Two Deaths

Blog: The Call Again Farm Journal   -   Monday April 27, 2009   -   By Laura

Yesterday, after we opened the incubator, two more eggs hatched.  We transferred both of these poults into the brooder today with the others, but one of them died this afternoon.  It was quite weak and its death was not unexpected.  Also, I...

Brooding in Various Ways

Blog: The Call Again Farm Journal   -   Sunday April 26, 2009   -   By Laura

What a hectic day!  I awoke at 7 a.m., with the full intent of transferring the turkeys from the incubator to the brooder.  Only thing was I still hadn't built the brooder yet! Before I started, I peeked in the incubator to check on the poults (baby...

New Arrivals

Blog: The Call Again Farm Journal   -   Friday April 24, 2009   -   By Laura

This morning, I was awoken at 5:39 in the morning.  The post office had called, and my chicks had arrived to get them.  Dianna and I got dressed, and drove down to the post office.  We range the bell at the back entrance, and, after waiting...

These Eggs Rock

Blog: The Call Again Farm Journal   -   Tuesday April 21, 2009   -   By Laura

Exciting news!  I saw the first of the turkey eggs rocking this morning!  Inside the egg, a few days before hatching, the chick (in this case, the baby turkey, or poult) breaks into the air cell at the big end of the egg and starts breathing the...

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