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In the Face of Tragedy

Blog: North Star Homestead Farms, LLC   -   Thursday March 14, 2013   -   By Ann, Laura, and Kara

If ducks were people, there would be 17 extra obituaries in the paper this week:  Miss Puddle Duck.  Loved water sports, green leafy vegetables, and rainy days.  She will be remembered for her joyous attitude and comic antics.  She is...

Goose Versus Lynx

Blog: Re Rustica   -   Wednesday February 04, 2009   -   By fullofbeans

Goose versus Lynx. Who wins? Goose! Why? She’s brave, big, strong, healthy and ferocious! Who stupidly tries again the next day? Lynx! Why? Guess it’s hungry. Or dishonored.

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