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The Pumpkin Is More Than an Oversized Vegetable

Blog: Morgan Botanicals   -   Monday October 11, 2010   -   By Jessica

To me, the pumpkin is more than just an oversized vegetable. In fact, it has a very long history-once considered a symbol of the whole world, a container of everything ever created. Early societies saw symbolism and spiritual significance in many round...

Herbs For Men..We Didn't Forget About You

Blog: Morgan Botanicals   -   Monday June 29, 2009   -   By Jessica

Men seem to fall on the way side to women and children so often in herbal healing. But, from the heart to the prostate, ulcers , and even the common cold, herbs can play an important role on men's health. I have three men in my life; two are just babies, but...

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