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Pastured Poultry - Fresh Grass Daily

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Friday October 29, 2010   -   By David

Folks often ask me "what's the difference in pastured poultry and free range?" Well for the most part it depends on who is defining it! Grocery stores would want you to believe that "free range" or "pastured"  means the...

Freedom Ranger Chicks Arrived - Video

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Friday March 12, 2010   -   By David

Our Freedom Ranger chicks arrived at the farm today today. This video shows us putting them in the brooder. These birds are from the Label Rouge program. We believe them to be better than the standard Cornish Cross chickens for the model we use to...

What's Wrong With Cornish Cross Chickens?

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Thursday March 04, 2010   -   By David

Normal 0 Cornish Cross are the industry standard for meat birds in the United States. I recently mentioned I had switched to Freedom Ranger chickens and had several people ask why. Cornish Cross birds are a lazy bird by...

Building a Temporary Brooder

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Tuesday March 02, 2010   -   By David

Randy and I will building a temporary brooder today. The barn we had a brooder set up in burned down last Spring. We have a batch of Freedom Ranger chicks coming in eight days so I though we better find somewhere to put them! I didn't want to get birds this...

Chicks on the Way

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Saturday February 27, 2010   -   By David

I ordered our first batch of chicks Friday morning. We have pretty much quit using Cornish Cross birds and went with birds from the Label Rouge program. We have always had good luck with the Cornish, but I've never been happy with the amount of foraging...

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