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Peaches, Peaches and more Peaches!!

Blog: The Persimmon Branch   -   Saturday June 29, 2013   -   By Curt and Sarah

Wow!  Our year has really started off with a BANG!  We have picked the last of our first yellow peach and just started picking the next two varieties. Thank you to all of our returning customers and friends for your support of our...

November on Kauai

Blog: Kolo Kai Organic Farm   -   Tuesday November 09, 2010   -   By Ben and Colette

November on Kauai is one of our favourite times of the year. We are finally getting a much needed rain after drought conditions for months. For the most part the rain comes at night and early morning leaving us with sunny days and rainbows. The air is cooler...

It is Fall Once Again...

Blog: Spyglass Gardens   -   Saturday September 05, 2009   -   By Steve or Wendy

    Well the hot hot days of summer are behind us. Why do I know this?Because this morning the trees out back were swaying in the morning breeze and golden leaves, that were parched by the heat,  were falling to the ground like...

How farmers take care of themselves

Blog: Greenjeans Farm   -   Wednesday February 04, 2009   -   By Jeff & Toni

Jeff has the habit of inventorying our food which drives me CRAZY.   Nobody owns food!   He knows I would give it all away in a hot minute.     But as usual with Jeff, there is a method to his madness.     We put a lot...

Shall I can for you? Pa rum pa pum pum

Blog: Cirque de' Solene   -   Tuesday December 30, 2008   -   By Leann

It feels wonderful to can your own produce and then enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your labors, months later.  Back in September my husband and  I canned vegetables until we couldn't stand another minute in the kitchen. We thought we'd tucked...

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