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Cranberry Relish goes with blue cheese

Blog: The Farm Report from Turkey Hill   -   Sunday November 27, 2011   -   By Farmer Herman

12 oz organic cranberries 2 oranges or satsumas, seeded, not peeled sugar to taste(half cup?) a dash of cinnamon if you like. throw it all in the food processor and grind it up! ha! how easy was that!?! serve it on little baguette rounds with the best...

End of Harvest

Blog: Cedarbrook Steading   -   Tuesday November 11, 2008   -   By Terri

Greetings from Cedarbrook, It is deer season and it's amazing to say, but I am still canning. I am making the last batch of zuchinni relish this week, canning up the saurkraut and freezing the last of the Savoy Cabbage. Opening deer hunting last...

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