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Blog: Tulsa City Farm   -   Saturday March 20, 2010   -   By Malcolm

It was 70 degrees yesterday! It is 31 now here in Tulsa, with snow about 4". I was upset that I was behind in the veggie garden.I had so many things to get done this weekend.  I did get my garden tilled partly. This year I'm doing something...


I'm ashamed it took me this long...

Blog: Spring Hill Farms   -   Thursday March 11, 2010   -   By David

A couple of days ago a close friend of mine called me to ask if I had watched Food Inc.   Watch the trailer here. I immediately knew what he was talking about as I had seen the reviews in Acres USA and a several other small farm, sustainable...

Long Distance Review

Blog: Westminster Farmers' Market   -   Thursday September 24, 2009   -   By Dean

  This Seattle area couple visited visted our Westminster MA farmers market three weeks ago. I stumbled upon their local eating blog while doing a websearch of our market.   They...

Chicken Review

Blog: Kiss My Grass Farm   -   Saturday May 23, 2009   -   By Dot and Brian

One of our workshare CSA members bought our first Poulet Redbro broiler this year and took it right home for dinner here is her review:   "I just wanted to pass on a quick review of these chickens. I picked mine up on Thursday . We...

My New Favorite Book

Blog: Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm   -   Wednesday March 25, 2009   -   By Jody

Tina vs. Lois An Exotic Seductress vs. the Constant Lover In my new favorite book, The Small-Mart Revolution ( ), Michael Shuman pits Tina against Lois, and Lois kicks *ss. As you might guess by the title, this...

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