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Having Sex

Blog: Earth Friendly Farm   -   Thursday March 27, 2014   -   By Kelley

Each day we see improvements in our Handsome Rooster Foghorn.  We were very excited the day he first crowed again.  Now we celebrate each day that way.  The Vetrix graft has definately taken and we are simply waiting for the last of the healing...

Foghorn our Handsome Rooster

Blog: Earth Friendly Farm   -   Thursday March 13, 2014   -   By Kelley

In January we noticed our Prized Rooster Foghorn doing a strange exaggerated step.  Course not being able to easily pick him up, it was suggested by friends who have had chickens longer than we have, this could be arthritis.  So we started mixing up...

Smart Banty Rooster

Blog: Triton's Farm   -   Saturday July 27, 2013   -   By Triton

My little banty rooster is quite a smart little guy. Tonight as I was putting all the animals to bed he came up to me chattering away. This was not chicken cussing, as they sometimes do when we walk by, but actual chicken words. I thought m aybe his...


The Chickens Next Door

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Friday April 12, 2013   -   By Katie

The moral of today’s post is that a major component of suburban/urban chicken keeping involves being a good neighbor… sweater or otherwise. Let’s face it – not everyone thinks keeping chickens is a super idea, regardless of how many benefits...

Lessons I learned from Rocky

Blog: Pleasant Valley Farm   -   Thursday June 21, 2012   -   By Emily

On a farm like ours, animals come and go pretty regularly. That's what happens when you raise meat. Now I know tonight is a processing day, and that we'll butcher a dozen or so chickens, but the broilers are eating machines without much personality, not...

Truck got stuck in the snow today

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Saturday December 24, 2011   -   By Mary

Truck the rooster got stuck in a snowdrift while out on an adventure today. He wanted to get to the other side, walked right in until he was stuck up to his belly. We went to rescue him, but before we could some persistent flapping got him free and he managed...

Say hi to Truck

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Sunday December 11, 2011   -   By Mary

We let our birds wander freely on our farm, but most of them decide to stay at home in the pen. Truck likes the pen a lot, but also likes his daily walks. When you visit our farm, you'll be greeted by Truck the rooster. If you're a dog, kitty, coyote or a...

rooster attacks bread! and wins!

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Saturday March 26, 2011   -   By Mary

Our tiny bantam rooster, a polish tophat, who is quite insane,was treated to some bread today. He angrily thrashed it, tore it, sparring with it for minutes... And ate it happily. We think he has inferiority issues.

Mingling in the Winter Sun

Blog: Real Food Farms   -   Tuesday February 01, 2011   -   By Thomas & Kristeen

  Hello from the farm!   The chickens love the warm weather we are having right now. Grandma, aka "Cha-Cha", had snapped a couple of pictures of our layers out mingling in the sun...or waiting for some scratch to...

Chicken Tractors

Blog: Dark Water Ranch   -   Saturday January 15, 2011   -   By shepherd

Today we took advantage of the warm weather. We loaded up on lumber supplies and hauled them back for later work. We also started plans for the new chicken tractors. We plan to have seperate tractors for each breed, so that our new chicks will all be pure bred...

New Dominque Rooster

Blog: Borrowed Thyme Farm   -   Friday August 27, 2010   -   By Michael & Denise

We purchased a Dominque rooster and 3 more hens from a breeder down in south Jersey. We now have a total of 6 hens and 1 rooster for this breed. Now in the spring we can breed them and hatch out our own chicks. I can't wait for early Spring!

Haven on Earth

Blog: Ward Hilltop Farm   -   Friday December 04, 2009   -   By LuvPats

Fourth generation farmers, we delight in building a traditional country farm atmosphere.  A 'haven on earth', hillsides surround us speckled with cattle, as well as wildlife and birds attracted by Conservation Reserve Program acreage strewn with prairie...

New Kid Continued......

Blog: Breeze Hill Farm   -   Thursday December 03, 2009   -   By MaLinda

Just a quick update. Our stray Rooster has a name!!! His new name is: "Beau-Cocks" (get it? Beau-cocks...Botox!) My husband has a rather strange sense of humor. Another Blogger made the recommendation to name him Beau, that's all hubby needed...

New Kid On The Farm

Blog: Breeze Hill Farm   -   Monday November 30, 2009   -   By MaLinda

While out running the Border Collies, Monday morning, several weeks ago, we heard a Rooster crowing. Around here we have sheep, goats, cows, horses, dogs and chickens. That’s just not something anyone close by raises and after the fox killed our...


Blog: Hanging Mountian Farms LLC   -   Friday May 15, 2009   -   By Ted and Carlene

                                         Big Boy I went...


Louis XIV, June 2008 to March 30, 2009, R.I.P.

Blog: The Call Again Farm Journal   -   Tuesday March 31, 2009   -   By Laura

Yesterday evening, Dianna and I had somewhere to go, so Bob had to put the turkeys and chickens away.  He didn't say anything about the birds when we got home, so we presumed all was well.  Just before he went upstairs to bed, he stopped and asked...

Is it a rooster?

Blog: Re Rustica   -   Saturday February 28, 2009   -   By fullofbeans

At early stages of chicken life, it is sometimes hard to tell whether the bird is a rooster or a hen. Behavioral differences and morphology aren't necessarily reliable, but in some breeds color differences help identify a rooster.   ...

Good Luck to the New Guy

Blog: Re Rustica   -   Wednesday February 11, 2009   -   By fullofbeans

We have a new head rooster. He’s more mature thant the other roosters, but smaller because of his breed. It’s very confusing to everyone.   The hens give him no respect. He can’t get the time of day from anyone except the baby birds. What a...

3 new roosters!

Blog: Re Rustica   -   Monday February 09, 2009   -   By fullofbeans

We always are keeping an eye out for new birds for our flock.  Sometimes we're adopting from shelters, other times from other farmers.  Sometimes we take on extra birds from breeders. We just bought 3 roosters from an enterprising young...

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