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Bring on Spring!

Blog: Bloom Where You're Planted Farm   -   Wednesday March 13, 2013   -   By Teresa

We survived the long winter, and although we're still melting from a surprise snowstorm over the weekend we know Spring is just around the corner! We had a very successful fall 2012 season.  So many new friends came to the farm and we are thankful for...

The history of fungicide - A case study of Rust

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Monday March 14, 2011   -   By Mary

Spring is the time when what we harvest in autumn is determined.   Planting is half the game, tending is the other.   Good forethought in both allows success.   For those of us planting wheat and other small grains this year, we should not...

Rusted Farm Machines

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Saturday August 08, 2009   -   By Chris

We have a whole bunch of old rusty machines on our farm property.  They look like they have lived a long, prosperous, and useful life.  Someone, or lots of someones, has been using them for many years.  In fact, we still get loads of use...

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