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Breaking News

Blog: Back2theBeginning   -   Saturday October 18, 2014   -   By J

Breaking News... back2thebeginning farm is now a proud supporter of the Council for Responsible Genetics & the Safe Seed Pledge: "Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a...

Why Raw Milk?

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Friday June 21, 2013   -   By Katie

Why Raw Milk?One of the commitments our family made as part of the Locavore90 challenge is to find local sources for our meat, eggs and dairy. This week I had the privilege of speaking with several local dairy farmers as part of my search for the right...

Food is in our blood

Blog: Miolea Organic Farm   -   Tuesday January 15, 2013   -   By Brian

Food is in our blood, whether, growing, preparing, cooking or, consuming, food is in our blood.  It is why we produce fruits, vegetables, chickens, eggs, honey, jams and jellies.  We make our own bread, pasta and tomato sauces.   ...


FDA Finds Cloned Animals Safe to Eat

Blog: Rainbow Ranch Farms   -   Monday February 28, 2011   -   By Poly

FDA Finds Cloned Animals Safe to Eat But moratorium on sales to remain in place By Robert Longley , Guide Thank you to: Robert Longley and for this informative article. Filed In: ...

Intentional, sustainable communities

Blog: Rainbow Ranch Farms   -   Friday December 31, 2010   -   By Poly

The trend hunter offers hundreds of photos, articles, information and links from water filtration bridges to floating eco-communities   47 Sustainable Living Communities   From Ocean Societies to Climate...

Food Safety

Blog: F.A. Farm   -   Wednesday March 25, 2009   -   By Walter

Let's try a voluntary paradigm shift. Instead of assuming that the food we buy is safe, let's assume it is not 100% safe. In other words there is no certainty. [This is my old stat tutor persona coming to the fore, by the way.] Now, since we cannot say...

America's First Line of Organic, Raw, Dehydrated D...

Blog: Paw Naturaw   -   Saturday November 15, 2008   -   By Jeffrey

Organic Leader of the Pack Paw Naturaw leads the pack yet again by providing America's first line of USDA certified organic, raw, dehydrated diets for dogs.  Why Feed Organic Raw Dehydrated? While organic, raw, fresh or frozen diets will most...

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