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Our 2015 CSA is now open

Blog: Fisher Family Farm & Ranch   -   Monday November 17, 2014   -   By David

Our 2015 CSA shares are now open. We are expanding for 2015 to meet the growing demand of the DF, Waco and Tyler area consumers for home-grown produce from people they know and trust. For that reason, we are opening our CSA early so we can also meet the...

Yes, Shares Still Available for 2014's Season!

Blog: Providence Farm, Central Lake, MI   -   Tuesday May 27, 2014   -   By Andrea

Hi Farm Friends and Local Foodies, We are pleased to be able to expand our organic garden share offerings this season.  That means will have garden shares available for many more families!  This time of year, people frequently call asking if we...


CSA Shares availabe Chicago and Woodstock. and che...

Blog: M's Organic Sustainable Farm   -   Sunday February 23, 2014   -   By MM

Read CNG's Response to the "Only Organic" Campaign. We want people to know that the USDA organic label is not the ONLY way to be sure you're not getting GMO's or synthetic pesticides. As we all know, there's much more that goes into making good...

2012 CSA Shares for Sale

Blog: JAH'S CREATION Organic Farm   -   Friday March 16, 2012   -   By Matthew

We have 100 more CSA shares available for the 2012 Season! Did you purchase your share yet?


Blog: SlowMoneyFarm   -   Tuesday February 28, 2012   -   By Jan

In the pursuit of staying debt free, we have to leverage much. This means sometimes we're busy growing animals and plants, preparing raised beds, planning, using social media to spread the word about what we're doing and a host of other things that makes 16...

Planting Season is almost here!

Blog: Rocking A Sustainable Farm   -   Tuesday February 07, 2012   -   By Harlan and Lori

   The 2012 planting season is upon us! We are planning to offer 25 CSA memberships this summer for Washington and Baldwin County residents. I am pleased that my teenage son is willing to be my partner this year, as doing this alone caused extreme...


Blog: Harvest Haven Farm   -   Monday September 19, 2011   -   By Sherry

Right on schedule....... Our first expected frost date on all the calendars was the 15th of September. Right on cue it came, and with it went the majority of our garden!  I still have potatoes to dig, and some...

Baskets for August 30 and September 2

Blog: Harvest Haven Farm   -   Wednesday August 31, 2011   -   By Sherry

Hi Everyone, By now those of you who picked up yesterday are emptying your baskets and maybe had your first meal of the week with your fresh vegetables. Friday is yet to come......Contents this week are: tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, carrots, kale, swiss...

It's the end of August!

Blog: Harvest Haven Farm   -   Thursday August 25, 2011   -   By Sherry

Good Morning! The garden at 6am is a beautiful, quiet place- full of dew and fresh vegis! This morning as I was picking, I was grateful for each of you who have been with the farm this year, and blessed by the abundance of tomatoes and summer squash....

What's in my basket this week?

Blog: Harvest Haven Farm   -   Tuesday August 09, 2011   -   By Sherry

August 9th and 12th...... It's hard for me to believe it is the middle of August already. Time to start planting for the  fall garden! This week your baskets have a great deal of summer squash...pull out all the zuchini recipes you...


Blog: Harvest Haven Farm   -   Wednesday August 03, 2011   -   By Sherry

Ooops....... It isn't Monday anymore. The week has been very busy with clean-up from the recent storms. We lost several big old trees and lots of broken limbs laying in the yard. are the contents of your baskets this week! ...

July 26th and 29th CSA shares

Blog: Harvest Haven Farm   -   Tuesday July 26, 2011   -   By Sherry

hi everyone.....  I just finished a morning in the garden! It is beautiful today and I am amazed at the bounty God has blessed us with. Some things have finished their production and will be replaced this week with another vegi to fill your...


Let the fun begin!

Blog: Harvest Haven Farm   -   Monday June 20, 2011   -   By Sherry

June already! May 5th it was snowing here, which made planting difficult. Thankfully we were able to put up some small hoops over our boxes, enabling us to plant tomatoes and peppers early. They have now reached mature size and are starting to put up...

Boulder Belt Farm Share Inititiative vol 3 issue 2

Blog: Boulder Belt Eco-Farm   -   Thursday May 05, 2011   -   By Lucy

    Good Morning, It's week 2 of the 2011 FSI and we have a wet one. We got over 3 inches of rain yesterday which caused a lot of flooding here at the farm. The top field was probably under water for a couple of hours and I noticed a lot of the...

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Blog: Black Dog Farms   -   Sunday April 10, 2011   -   By Kevin

Lately I have been wondering if the tree needs to be put back up around here. For the last 4 mornings I have awakened to a pretty steady snowfall. Kinda hard to envision the fact that in a mere 6 weeks (42 days) I am planning to start making some...

Fertilizer Cost: Nill

Blog: Black Dog Farms   -   Saturday April 09, 2011   -   By Kevin

Quick, when you think of Idaho what comes to mind?  My wife and I were just talking a day or two ago that we do not even know a potato farmer ( or a skinhead for all of you who went that direction). Here we are living in the middle of ag country in the...


CSA full and Half Shares

Blog: The Kidd's Hill Billy Farm   -   Monday April 04, 2011   -   By Candi

Our goal is to bring the best of mother nature to your table. We offer half and full shares. We work with a local Baker. CSA runs from June thru October, 18 weeks. We offer home delivery, verity fresh produce,herbs,fruits,berries,and eggs. We incourage...


Late Season Shares

Blog: Black Dog Farms   -   Monday March 28, 2011   -   By Kevin

This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Even though we have been selling farm shares for the last 5 years, we have never advertised before. In years past, we simply sold by word of mouth, and had no problem selling out. At the end of last year,...


Selling More Shares Than Last Year

Blog: Black Dog Farms   -   Saturday March 26, 2011   -   By Kevin

It seems like I just made the final delivery of the 2010 season, and now, here we are about to sell our last share for 2011. At the risk of sounding like my grandfather, "where does the time go?" 5 years ago my wife and I started Black Dog...

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