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Wow! A true joy!

Blog: Fresh South Market   -   Saturday June 12, 2010   -   By Tricia

Today was our fourth official Saturday.  It had a nice rhythm about it.  I sat up under my tent, drinking lots of water and countedfolks enter the market. market. What a joy to see so many carrying  canvas bags with the intentions of...

Hops, a whole new world

Blog: Ramble N Shetlands Farm   -   Monday March 08, 2010   -   By Sherry

I have several varieties of Hops growing. They are used for brewing beer, as a sleep aid in a tea form or dried and put into a pillow as an aromatic , like aromatheropy. My sheep are fat and happy. At least thats what I think when they jump in the air...

Upon Building a Sugaring Shack

Blog: Hurricane Farm   -   Tuesday September 01, 2009   -   By Chris

There are lots of new things here at the farm.  We're always keeping busy... Work has begun on the Sugar Shack.  We decided that since we really enjoy the outside aspect of sugaring--especially on those sunny late-winter noons--that we'd build...

Who's the Executioner? updated

Blog: Miolea Organic Farm   -   Thursday May 14, 2009   -   By Brian

In the thirteen years prior to purchasing Miolea my wife and I would discuss what the farm would be.  As we talked of the possibilities the one thing that kept coming back into the discussion was "what would you do with the dead animals?" (if we...


How's "March," for a title? Not too pretentious.

Blog: Foust Family Farms   -   Thursday March 05, 2009   -   By Ron

Hello... Hmm, hope this type is big enough. Anyway, my name is Ron, and I'll be your host on this lil' blog till one of us gets too bored to look at it. Had thought of doing this long, drawn out, hilarious story bout how i got into farming, a la...

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