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Hot Sizzling Summer is Here!

Blog: Owens Acres - Lavender, Herbs, and Tea   -   Wednesday June 22, 2011   -   By Laura & Mike

It was a long and cold winter for most of the US, but the hot sizzling summer days have finally arrived! Natural Insect Repelling: Along with hot days come annoying insects that drive us crazy while we're trying to enjoy the great outdoors! ...

Summer Tea's are here!

Blog: Owens Acres - Lavender, Herbs, and Tea   -   Monday June 28, 2010   -   By Laura & Mike

Summer is here and so is our extensive live of sugar free and caffeine free herb and flower teas!  Naturally sweet and kids will beg for more! Try our favorites (and most popular!) Owens Acres Suntea, Flush of Red, Chamomile Verbena, Lavender...

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