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Sunday Special Late Season Pick Up Oct 27

Blog: Iverson Family Farm   -   Saturday October 26, 2013   -   By Bret

We are cleaning out the garden.  We should have a mix of items but you may pick extra apples if you would like some.   Customer Appreciation Day! 

It's Working - Thanks Everyone!

Blog: City Farm Austin   -   Wednesday March 06, 2013   -   By Paula

      As I had hoped, this venture is working.  It is taking longer than I had expected to find people who are almost as crazy as I am to help milk these 4 wonderful goats, but it is slowly coming around.  I am improving in...

It is the Holliday SEASON !On Thanksgiving what pe...

Blog: Alternative Community Farmer/WPB.FL   -   Wednesday November 23, 2011   -   By Tony

I remember the first email INVITATION I received from local harvest about joining their BLOG family. They suggested I start a blog and may be talk about THANKS GIVING.Now after Three years of blogging I want to  Give Thanks to Local Harvest Family...


Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

Blog: Fields of Gold Farm and Greenhouse   -   Wednesday November 24, 2010   -   By Lisa the Farmer

What a great time of year to be reminded of the countless people who have been our support team and a big part of our farm efforts for many years!  Thank you for being there to help us be successful.  We so enjoy growing for you and being a part of...

We Give Thanks

Blog: Scarecrow Farm   -   Monday November 30, 2009   -   By Virginia

As we closed the Market on November 21st, after 29 weeks at our current site, we gave thanks for so many things......the Saturday weather, the openness of our site, the sponsorship of the Mayor's office, the faithfulness of our vendors, the...


Blog: Herron Hill Dairy   -   Thursday November 26, 2009   -   By HHD

Well hello again. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Ho ho ho. Support your local goats.


Pig Moving Day

Blog: Harp Turkey Ranch   -   Thursday December 11, 2008   -   By Wes

Today was the day to get the pigs moved to their new pen, as they are done in their first pen. The new one is a little bit bigger with more brush. I guess you can say we are really putting them to the test now. LOL First I strung the new polytape on the poles...

Day After T-Day

Blog: Harp Turkey Ranch   -   Friday November 28, 2008   -   By Wes

Wow what a feast we had this Thanksgiving. I just could not stop eating every time I said to myself I'm full I would be making another roll filled with turkey,stuffing & mashed potatoes. This combo after the initial dinner is great to me ?? We had a 20lb...

Thanksgiving Gift

Blog: Reeder Farms LLC   -   Thursday November 27, 2008   -   By Naydene

Well Tom is in the oven! And now we are on count down the clock started at 4:45 am 10 hours 33 mins to go. How big you ask? 31.52 pounds! As Russell unveiled this master marvel, he decided to run for the hills! Tom is 3 of Belvidere. On a more serious...


Thanksgiving on the Alpaca Farm

Blog: Golden Touch Alpaca Farm   -   Wednesday November 26, 2008   -   By Shelley

We are posting this now because we won't have a chance tomorrow with the whirlwind that is our Thanksgiving tradition. Each year we invite family and friends over to our farm and cook up a massive meal and enjoy each others company. This year we will be...

Thanksgiving-A time to reflect and be grateful.

Blog: Sage Hill Farms   -   Tuesday November 25, 2008   -   By Bea

We at Sage Hill Farms love this time of year for many reasons. Slowing down a bit in the day to day going, the gardens are at rest for the most part, the weather is colder and the anticipation of all the special holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving...


Blog: Herron Hill Dairy   -   Tuesday November 25, 2008   -   By HHD

It is an endlessly gray day, gray in that uniquely Northwest way, a forever and ever gloomy kind of gray. But looking around the barnyard we see many thankful faces. Goats, mostly, thankful that they are not turkeys. Since it is a slow time of year, with...


Input Costs Moderating

Blog: The Sell Farm, LLC   -   Tuesday November 25, 2008   -   By Bill

Hi, At this time of year, we give thanks for so many things here on the farm. Healthy cattle and the beginning of another calving season. After much fuss during the past year about rising feed costs, fuel costs and fertilizer costs and almost...


Give Thanks All Year

Blog: The Co-op Blog   -   Tuesday November 25, 2008   -   By Annie

It's easy to focus on giving thanks during this season. But what about the rest of the year? As we gather our friends and families around us this holiday season, let's not forget that an attitude of gratitude is something to cultivate all year long.  I...


Thanks to my ancestors

Blog: Alaskan Hen House   -   Tuesday November 25, 2008   -   By Terrisa

It's all about family and how we are who we are. No matter what type of life we currently have or are living, we can not deny our ancestors. Their fight to survive and thrive are the only reasons that we exist.  For me I think back to my great...



Blog: Slow Life with Real Food   -   Monday November 24, 2008   -   By Amber

It's 3:30 in the morning, I just got my five month old back to sleep after an hour of him fussing, and for some odd reason I feel like it's the perfect time to write my entry about why I am thankful for LocalHarvest. By the way, the picture of baby Joaquin is...


Giving Thanks

Blog: Headgeapple Farm   -   Monday November 24, 2008   -   By Lorraine

My family here at Hedgeapple Farm would like to take the time to give thanks first of all to our Precious Lord.  For giving us life and for giving His life up for us.  Nothing, nothing would be possible if it were not for Jesus.   We...


Happy Thanksgiving from Iverson Family Farm

Blog: Iverson Family Farm   -   Monday November 24, 2008   -   By Bret

We wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Even during hard times, we can always look to the positives and greatness in people.  Our country is so blessed.


Giving Thanks

Blog: The Farm at Nanticoke Creek   -   Monday November 24, 2008   -   By Colleen and Todd

This year was year like no other. Really, I mean that. I never thought in a million years that our life would be what it is to today and what it continues to grow and evolve into. We bought our little farm almost 10 years ago expecting it to just provide us...

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