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Brrrrr! Cold Chicken Toes

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Wednesday January 08, 2014   -   By Terry

That's the only suitable title I could come up with for this post.  Sunday was fairly warm for January--in the upper 40's actually--then the wind blew and blew and the bottom fell out of the thermometer.  Monday and Tuesday night were both 8 degrees...

Twas the Week Before Christmas

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Wednesday December 18, 2013   -   By Terry

And all around the farm, the creatures were stirring....       Really looking for something to harm......did you think I was going through that whole poem?  Really........ Today was one of those wintertime treats!...

Preparing for Winter

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Monday November 11, 2013   -   By Terry

The weather prognosticators are calling for really cold weather tomorrow night--first really "hard freeze" of the year, although my thermometer read 24 degrees last night.  So that means removing the irrigation pump from the pond and...

Update - - Tomatoes Coming Soon!!

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Sunday June 23, 2013   -   By Jeff

     Tomatoes in the high tunnel...  Tomatoes in the field....      Another view of the field...

Gearing Up for Another Season

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Tuesday February 26, 2013   -   By Jeff

We are gearing up for the upcoming growing season at the Bountiful Blessings Farm. With the addition of a new high tunnel this year, we will once again be able to provide local customers with top quality, fresh produce earlier, without the loss of flavor. High...

Mice and Men

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Thursday May 03, 2012   -   By Jeff

Have you ever heard the phrase, "such are the best laid plans of mice and men"? That was kind of how my day went. It started out well with a trip to a friend's to move a refrigerator and shade cloth. We will be using the frig on the farm at the stand...

Red Deuce in the High Tunnel

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Sunday April 29, 2012   -   By Jeff

Today has been a very busy day. We were going to head out to the church, but realized that there was too much to accomplish. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend. I really hate missing worship. Anyhow, we were going to transplant, but decided to work in...

Harvest Hill Veggies

Blog: Harvest Hill Farms   -   Monday April 23, 2012   -   By Justin & Sara

Harvest Hill Farms is currently constructing a 2900 sq ft high tunnel for vegetable production. We hope to have it up in the next few weeks and that means farm fresh vegetables well into fall and winter months. What is a high tunnel you may ask? It is a...

Extension Office Visit

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Saturday April 21, 2012   -   By Jeff

The weather here at Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce has been cold and blustery. After experiencing some eighty degree days a couple of weeks ago, it is difficult to get used to this colder weather. Yesterday, I seeded most of the balance of tomatoes and also...

Whirlwind Wednesday

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Wednesday April 11, 2012   -   By Jeff

It has been a whirlwind of a couple of days. The weather has raised havoc with many things here are Bountiful Blessings Farm. I placed tomatoes into the hoop house thinking that there would not be any problems. Nonetheless, the cold weather nailed some of the...

Easter Sunday

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Sunday April 08, 2012   -   By Jeff

Today has been a very blessed day as we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We attended worship this morning and spent a wonderful afternoon at my sister's home with our family. All we did at the farm today was to water and look...

Family Farm Life

Blog: Bountiful Blessings Farm Produce   -   Saturday April 07, 2012   -   By Jeff

Today has been a very productive day at the Bountiful Blessings Farm. I started out working some more ground down with the 885 tractor and rototiller. My wife and nephew planted another variety of onions and my dad worked on the doors of the high tunnel....

Got lambs, kids, and a NRCS grant

Blog: Four Country Gals   -   Wednesday March 21, 2012   -   By Shari

What a week!  First our ISP gets a little goofy, then our web host does the same... moves us to a new server, and fails to have us change the IP's at the domain registrar. Add to that, one desktop's wireless card fails, as our wireless modem gets a...


Blog: Crestview Inc. Farms   -   Wednesday February 29, 2012   -   By Susan

We are getting close to completion on our High tunnel. In the Greenhouse I am busy bumping up plants to go into the high tunnel and the gardens also plants for sale at the Farmer Market and the Oklahoma Food Co-op. for march and April sales.  

Bad bugs gone good?

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Tuesday October 11, 2011   -   By Terry

  We've always heard the expression good guys gone bad, but bad guys gone good? In the hoophouse, tomatoes were planted in late winter. During the summer they produced and produced bunches of tasty tomatoes. In the process, the tomato...


Blog: Fitzgerald's Family Farm, LLC   -   Thursday April 07, 2011   -   By Sharon

Planting in the high tunnel has become a surreal experience.  I walk down to the high tunnel in this: Set up and plant in these beautiful beds in a gentle, fairly warm environment. And walk back outside to this! ...


Welcome Blues in Late Winter

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Monday February 07, 2011   -   By Terry

Here in Tennessee this winter has become one of the nastiest and coldest that I remember and much of the winter has been spent working inside.   Several projects have been completed inside the house, namely flooring and stair railing. Yesterday was...

Grant Study Begins Soon

Blog: Moonstruck Farms   -   Saturday January 29, 2011   -   By Rowena

Moonstruck Farms is a small beginning farm here in the high desert...we are considered a market gardening operation, and one of few who applied for the Know your Farmer Know Your Food High Tunnel initiative last year, and a lucky one who was...

Eat The Clay: Bentonite

Blog: Morgan Botanicals   -   Wednesday December 08, 2010   -   By Jessica

The use of medicinal clay in folk medicine goes way back to prehistoric times and was first recorded in ancient Mesopotamia. The indigenous peoples around the world still use a wide variety of clays for medicinal purposes - primarily for external applications,...

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