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The Art of Making Gourmet Mustard©

Blog: Home Farm Herbery   -   Tuesday January 27, 2015   -   By Arlene

The Art of Making Gourmet Mustard© By Arlene Wright-Correll There is a big difference between what we buy off the shelves of our grocery stores and what we can make.  Not only health wise, but taste wise and also self...

Homegrown Turmeric root

Blog: Green Journey Seeds   -   Friday September 27, 2013   -   By Aline

Turmeric root harvested this week from a second plant we grew outdoors this summer. Protected by an open-ended hoop house, it did not flower like the plant in the greenhouse. Looks like it concentrated its vital energy on the medicine below! A short...

More Herbs and Food Combinations part two

Blog: Medicine Woman   -   Monday December 05, 2011   -   By Elaynn

  A while back, I did a blog on spices and what they go well with. This time I will just use the herb and what foods it will enhance. Look through my blogs and you will also see how to make up your own spice blends, such as PUMPKIN PIE SPICE BLEND,...


Blog: Medicine Woman   -   Friday August 05, 2011   -   By Elaynn

  Here's a handy list in alphabetical order; of spices and what to use them in. Incidentally; always keep your spices as cool (but not refrigerated) as possible. ALLSPICE WHOLE allspice is used in Caribbean soups;as well...

November on Kauai

Blog: Kolo Kai Organic Farm   -   Tuesday November 09, 2010   -   By Ben and Colette

November on Kauai is one of our favourite times of the year. We are finally getting a much needed rain after drought conditions for months. For the most part the rain comes at night and early morning leaving us with sunny days and rainbows. The air is cooler...

Turmeric Cake

Blog: The Farm Report from Turkey Hill   -   Thursday March 11, 2010   -   By Farmer Herman

Turmeric Cake This recipe is adapted from a traditional Lebanese dessert. Its lovely dense texture, gentle turmeric flavor, and subtle sweetness make it just plain perfect for a teatime snack, or you can serve it with whipped cream after dinner. ...

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