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Madagascar Vanilla Beans Organic Order now, Limite...

Blog: Home Farm Herbery   -   Monday December 23, 2013   -   By Arlene

Madagascar Vanilla Beans Organic Home Farm Herbery is now offering Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Vanilla is the third most expensive spice behind Saffron and Cardamom, mainly due to the intensive work required to produce quality vanilla beans. 6...

How to Make Herbal Infused Honey

Blog: Home Farm Herbery   -   Saturday September 21, 2013   -   By Arlene

How to Make Herbal Infused Honey   You will need Honey (preferably raw honey from a local bee keeper), Fresh or dried herbs such as Lavender, Rose Petals, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Basil,...

Vanilla Extract

Blog: Carob's Farm Chaga, Soaps, Lotions and Teas.   -   Wednesday May 29, 2013   -   By Robin

The vanila is ready!! Labels are done ...sealing the jars. We can't grow vanilla in Maine, but we can make vanilla extract!! Made with Certified Organic Vanilla Beans, direct from their native lands. We inspect and prepare for the extraction process. Then we...

Minimally Process Cookies

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Friday February 08, 2013   -   By Katie

Earlier this month I shared this post about how to make natural, homemade vanilla extract . I had no idea it would be such a hit! After posting it, one reader emailed me with the following question: “I have a question for you in regard to a comment you...

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Friday January 25, 2013   -   By Katie

We do a lot of baking at our house. Because we don’t eat artificial food dye and are trying to avoid artificial everything-else, I recently purged all of the unnatural additives from my baking cupboard. I pitched things like neon food dye, regular food...

Damiana Love Elixir for the Valentine Lover

Blog: Morgan Botanicals   -   Saturday January 14, 2012   -   By Jessica

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."  ~Robert Frost   What better day to be irresistibly desired than on Valentines day, the day of lovers. The day to express love for each other whether it be giving flowers, poems,...


Blog: Medicine Woman   -   Friday August 05, 2011   -   By Elaynn

  Here's a handy list in alphabetical order; of spices and what to use them in. Incidentally; always keep your spices as cool (but not refrigerated) as possible. ALLSPICE WHOLE allspice is used in Caribbean soups;as well...

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Blog: Williamsburg Farmers Market   -   Thursday May 12, 2011   -   By WFM

Berret's Seafood Restaurant demonstrated these recipes at the Williamsburg Farmers Market Chef Tent on May 7, 2011.   Energy Smoothie 1 Apple, cut up 1 Tbsp Honey 1 Rounded Tbsp Peanut Butter 1/2 Cup...

Baking Essentials

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Monday November 22, 2010   -   By Cynthia

(Jane is sweet on bees and trees, vanilla and Phil) Find out why as Jane strolls you through how to set up your pantry for holiday baking. Watch the video!  Click here.  

Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Icing

Blog: Williamsburg Farmers Market   -   Wednesday September 15, 2010   -   By WFM

Jean Monaco of Martin’s demonstrated this dish at the Williamsburg Farmers Market Chef Tent on September 11, 2010.  Makes 2 loaves. Ingredients ~ ...

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