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Back to growing

Blog: Big Valley Ranch   -   Sunday May 15, 2011   -   By Desiree

Hay to all who are feeling ignored. So sorry but our attention has been focused elsewhere. The garden has been started and is also running late, which is good given our most recent weather. We have had almost freezing temps yesterday and today, hail as...

Wow! A true joy!

Blog: Fresh South Market   -   Saturday June 12, 2010   -   By Tricia

Today was our fourth official Saturday.  It had a nice rhythm about it.  I sat up under my tent, drinking lots of water and countedfolks enter the market. market. What a joy to see so many carrying  canvas bags with the intentions of...

New Beginnings

Blog: Millix Family Farm   -   Monday June 22, 2009   -   By Patricia

We have made it through Spring and have now entered Summer! Spring brought with it many new beginnings. The beginning of warmer weather, new flowers, fresh green leaves lining the trees, a new garden season and the beginning of a new year from the Farmers...

Life at the Hacienda

Blog: Wingshadows Hacienda   -   Thursday November 06, 2008   -   By Lynne & Bruce

Two weeks ago we planted the second of the 3 Winter Gardens. In just a few days the vegtables were poking their little heads through the soil. Excitement abounded! Today we discovered that the wild birds have made a feast of the new seedlings. Disappointment...

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