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Difference between climate change and global warmi...

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Sunday May 22, 2011   -   By Mary

Ana Villar and Jon A. Krosnick in their recent publication, Global warming vs. climate change, taxes vs. prices: Does word choice matter? (Climatic Change (2011) 105:1–12) found that how we describe things does matter.   Their excellently worded...

More carbon dioxide than you thought!

Blog: At Home in Nature   -   Sunday May 01, 2011   -   By Mary

The problem of increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is encouraging a better look at how the systems of the Earth control the amount of carbon dioxide.   The bad news: the amount of Carbon Dioxide sunk into land masses is less than...

Burr it's getting cold in here

Blog: Wild Winds Sheep Company   -   Saturday December 26, 2009   -   By Catherine & Martin

From my friend Mike: Soon we will be hearing the environmentalist screaming about the new ice age!  Forget not that these are the same people who oscillate between warming and cooling about every 20 years or so.  There is speculation...

Going Away, Farmers the new endangered species.

Blog: Wild Winds Sheep Company   -   Wednesday December 23, 2009   -   By Catherine & Martin

There are a large number of anit-agriculture (or animal hate groups) that love spinning the truth to make anyone raising aniamals look like monsters.  If you want your pork made in the lab, beef from Mexico, chicken and pork from China, then by-all means...

Global Warming Solutions - More of the Same?

Blog: F.A. Farm   -   Wednesday February 04, 2009   -   By Walter

This morning on NPR, scientist and policy consultant Dan Sarewitz from Arizona State University addressed the political costs of global warming. He made a valid point that our use of energy is “the metabolism of modern industrial society.” Clearly, making...

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