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Sourdough Bread for Gluten Intolerance?

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Wednesday March 06, 2013   -   By Katie

Last week I shared that I brought home two large boxes of frozen grass-fed beef only to find that our second freezer wasn’t working . Our best guess – thanks to input from a friend and reader – is that the garage freezer stopped working because it is...

Wish List Wednesday: Magazines

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Wednesday January 23, 2013   -   By Katie

Wish List Wednesday | Magazines Welcome to another Wish List Wednesday ! When I first started sharing these posts I intended to do them every Wednesday. Then I realized it was a little obnoxious. So now I’m working on making this happen the...

School Lunch

Blog: Sweet Poppy Farm   -   Tuesday October 25, 2011   -   By J.R.

Fall Festivities

Blog: Heritage Home~Place   -   Friday September 23, 2011   -   By Dee

Getting ready for our first annual Fall Festival on October 1!  We are excited about having a Horse Drawn Hayride and Live Music for this event!  There will be lots of baked goods and dried herbs and spices for sale.  Also, baking mixes! ...

Side of Beef or Whole Pig, Lamb, Etc

Blog: Specialty Meats and Gourmet   -   Saturday April 09, 2011   -   By The Meat Detective

Is it a good deal to get a Side of Beef, Whole Pig, etc. You need to educate yourself prior to purchasing a whole beef, side of beef, whole pig, whole lamb, etc.  It is almost like buying a car - do your research, talk to a local butcher about...

Gingerbread Molasses Cookies

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Thursday February 03, 2011   -   By Cynthia

(Cynthia mixes it up in the new kitchen) Fresh ginger root and molasses give the cookie deep flavor.  Teff flour helps add chewiness.  Oh my gosh these are good.  Find out how to make them (plus get tips on baking with whole grain flours).

Rapunzel's Triple Chocolate Brownies

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Wednesday February 10, 2010   -   By Cynthia

(Phil ties Jane's tongue)? Cocoa powder, semi-sweet baking chocolate and chocolate chips combine to make your chocolate enjoyment tripled.  Nobody complains about a pan of these coming out of the oven. Recipe here.   Cynthia writes Have it Yer...

Whole Grain Butter Crust

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Thursday November 05, 2009   -   By Cynthia

Hey.  Don’t get all snobby on us.  There IS a way to make a delectable crust using whole wheat pastry flour.  The whole grain crusts get a bad rap because people often use oil to make them and end up with a heavy, cracker-like texture.  Not...

Which Whole Grains and Flours Need to be in Your P...

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Monday October 19, 2009   -   By Cynthia

Keep a variety of whole grains and flours in your pantry to make meal-preparation easier.  Find out which basics to stock and why.  

Saffron Buttered Millet with Roasted Red Pepper Cr...

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Thursday October 01, 2009   -   By Cynthia

Using the beautiful red bell peppers that are in season right now, you can make this glamorous dish using the inexpensive, nutritious whole grain millet, Saffron Buttered Millet from Cookus Interruptus.  

Announcement by Whole Foods-Raleigh

Blog: Grow And Share   -   Tuesday August 25, 2009   -   By Kay

Just announced by Whole Foods: "This Thursday, August 27 th , Whole Foods Market in Raleigh, NC will be collecting surplus produce from area gardeners to donate to Grow and Share ( ). This is a great opportunity to donate those...

Edamame Tofu Salad with Sesame Chile Dressing

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Friday August 14, 2009   -   By Cynthia

Dazzle your family and friends with this deceptively simple platter of beautiful food.  It’s a well-balanced and beautiful meal.  Did you hear the report dissing organic?  Read Sandi’s rebuttal.   And don’t forget to enter our 2nd Annual...

Cherry Jam-Filled Mochi

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Friday June 26, 2009   -   By Cynthia

Whole grain sticky gooey yummy breakfast. This week on Cookus Interruptus we introduce you to mochi!   

Top Ten First Foods for Baby

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Thursday May 14, 2009   -   By Cynthia

Feed baby the best.  Find out how to simply take part of the delicious whole foods the family is eating and make fresh food for baby this week on Cookus Interruptus.  

Golden Spice Rice

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Thursday April 30, 2009   -   By Cynthia

This week on Cookus Interruptus: Golden Spice Rice (No blame, no gain) Sautéing the rice before cooking it results in a more separate finished grain.  By adding a few simple spices you add fragrance to the rice and add a lovely golden color. ...

Fried Tempeh

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Thursday April 23, 2009   -   By Cynthia

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Ben's Friday Pancakes

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Thursday March 19, 2009   -   By Cynthia

These unique pancakes have no flour but use highly digestible soaked whole grains. Ben's Friday Pancakes (Cynthia’s frustration snowballs) Think ahead just a wee bit and enjoy these magical flour-less pancakes this week.  Lovely with a dab of ...

Hulling with a pistol

Blog: Re Rustica   -   Friday February 20, 2009   -   By fullofbeans

Dear Andrea, Andrea writes: Hi. I have recently been given a large amount of oats and I am having trouble finding an effective way to hull them. Any suggestions?? Thanks. We respond: though, of course, it would be easiest for you to avoid hulling the...

Poached Pears in Pomegranate Sauce with Mascarpone

Blog: Cookus Interruptus   -   Wednesday February 11, 2009   -   By Cynthia

This is a sweetheart of a dessert.  Perfect for Valentine's Day.  Uses seasonal fruit.  Low in calories, high in nutrients, vegetarian, gluten-free and who cares about all that because it tastes fabulous! Watch the video this week on Cookus...

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