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First Ever Blog Post

Blog: Pleasantrees Farm   -   Friday March 28, 2014   -   By James

My first ever blog post!   I have been planning to do this for a while now, and just haven't had the extra time. For starters, I am a 36 year old male. Married to my wonderful wife of just over three years, with our 3 children ages 5,8,11.  We...

Seasonal Family Garden Plan

Blog: Arcadia Farms   -   Tuesday April 16, 2013   -   By Katie

One of the things I’m enjoying most about this year’s growing season is the opportunity to help others with their home gardens. Last week I had a chance to chat with a friend and former college roommate – Sara Heilig, about the garden that she and her ...

Useful Wild Things on the farm

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Sunday January 27, 2013   -   By Terry

Back in July a "flock" of worms was added to the Wild Things' menagerie.  I'm not sure what you call a bunch of worms, "flock", "wad", "glob".....they do make wonderful poop to add to the seed starting mix AND it's...

I've Got Worms!

Blog: Wild Things Farm   -   Sunday July 22, 2012   -   By Terry

When I told a friend that, she promptly said "I've got some diatomaceous earth"--I laughed and then told her it was nightcrawlers.  I've been wanting to add worms to the menagerie here on the farm and about 3 weeks ago I made the leap. My dad...

Composting the easy way with red wiggler worms

Blog: Worms Etc   -   Wednesday February 16, 2011   -   By Matthew

Composting food scraps is easy and fun to do even in ones home. If you have an outdoor area to compost in then you can certainly compost a larger amount, but even if you live in an apartment you can still compost most of your food scraps. Items such...

Searching for my own pastures

Blog: Imaginary Alpaca Ranch   -   Sunday January 02, 2011   -   By vanalpaca

Since November, I have been searching the local area for an existing barn and available pastures where I can relocate my herd of alpacas. At 30 some alpacas, it hasn't been affordable for a couple of years to board the alpacas at someone elses' alpaca farm. I...

The beginning at Imaginary

Blog: Imaginary Alpaca Ranch   -   Friday November 19, 2010   -   By vanalpaca

I want to share with you how I first got exposed to the alpaca farming opportunity. It all started innocently enough. I bought a ticket for our garden club's annual bus trip. We stopped at several interesting places, usually including a place to buy...

Tomato Horn Worms! Yuck!

Blog: Zina's Produce   -   Tuesday April 13, 2010   -   By Zina


Vermicomposting - Composting With Worms!

Blog: Wall Flower Studio Garden   -   Saturday January 16, 2010   -   By Karen

Vermicomposting Is Composting With Worms It's very easy to do, really. Earthworms turn your organic waste into beautiful compost. It's by far, the best way to compost kitchen waste. Worm castings contain five times more nitrogen, seven...

Duck Manure

Blog: MamaDuck's Duck Eggs   -   Sunday February 15, 2009   -   By Sara

Manure is not much from one or two ducks, it will fertilize the lawn or place where they live.  But with a larger group of ducks, it does accumulate, then the best thing is to compost the manure in a pile, somewhere it can rot and break down over time,...


Blog: Berwick Worm Farm   -   Friday November 07, 2008   -   By Wornguy

  BERWICK WORM FARM   We at the BERWICK WORM FARM raise and sell red worms and euro nightcrawlers. We also have worm food, worm bins, complete worm farms, worm bedding etc.   We take great pride in raising our worms, making sure...

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