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Local and Organic for $37/week

Last week I was part of a panel at local farm conference, where my assignment was to talk about the "home economics" of eating locally. I spoke about what my family eats and why, and the time and money our diet requires. I learned a lot.

I was especially curious about the money part. It should be said that my husband and I put a high value on eating well. We also grow a lot of our own food. It’s our sustenance, both physical and spiritual. Turns out, the garden saves us a lot of money, too.

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Try, try again

Yesterday Guillermo and I were discussing the sorry state of this blog. We have both had the guilts about it all winter. One lousy entry in almost three months? That's not a blog, it's a wind-worn flier stapled to a telephone pole announcing a concert that's long since forgotten.

For whatever reason, we haven't been bitten by the bug. Yet. But we've committed to giving it another go to see if we can turn ourselves into bloggers. Because we have things to say. Really we do. If only we could dig ourselves out of our To Do list long enough to form sentences.

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