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Table Talk

Want a great way to get a healthy dinnertime conversation started? Play the 'Table Talk' game!

It's not a game really, more than it is about being aware of where your food comes from. To play is quite simple. Make something to eat, eat it, and talk about it. Talk about where it comes from (the garden, the farmers' market, the neighbor's garden, Ecuador, the pond down the street, the community garden, the CSA box, a LocalHarvest farm near you, Italy, etc). Make a ritual out of it. Pick apart your ingredients. Talk, talk, talk! This is a wonderful way to include the whole family (kids, if you got 'em). Maybe the baby helped pick the strawberries...include the baby! Empty nest? Talk to your fish (no, not the one you are eating)!

For example... recently we had a dinner of steak, tabouli (tabbouleh, a type of parsley salad), pita, and wine (see picture). We prepared our food, sat down, started eating, and started talking. The steak came from Morris Grassfed Beef, which we bought from Rebecca at the farmers' market. The tabouli consists of lemon, olive oil, salt, green onions, mint, parsley, bulgur wheat, and tomato. The lemon was picked off a tree of an abandoned house down the street. The olive oil comes from Italy. The salt from Baja California. The green onions were from Everett Family Farms. The bulgur was bought at the grocery store and comes from who-knows-where.The tomatoes, mint, and parsley were grown in our garden. The pita bread came from a Phoenician bakery in Austin, Texas (of all places!). The wine...I forget.

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Holy Cow, can you really eat the whole side of beef on your plate?
Looks good!

Posted by Gayle Zimmerman on December 06, 2008 at 07:47 AM PST #

Indeed she can! As the hubby and grill-master, I can attest to that.

Posted by Guillermo Payet on December 06, 2008 at 07:59 AM PST #

ha ha ha! well, let's just say that i can eat a lot. ;-)

Posted by Amber Payet on December 07, 2008 at 08:37 AM PST #

I like your educational WHERE it CAME from attitude Amber.Last week I bought a BUMPER sticker at the Fair Grounds which says: ASK WHERE IS IT GROWN.
Local Harvest is raising the Awareness bar and we feel it in FLORDA .
Amber : My mother passed down an authentic recipe about the LIVING FOOD TABOULEH and I will send you a copy of my recipee in my next blog article at the Alternative Community Farmer blog.Bon Appetit.and Happy Valentine to all the localharvest family.We LOVE you is the message to you from Florida.Tony

Posted by Tony on February 13, 2009 at 07:52 AM PST #

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