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TLC Ranch

First things first, we forgot the diaper bag.

Moving on...

Guillermo, Joaquin, and I were invited to tour TLC Ranch and afterwards enjoy a tasty meal with owners Jim Dunlop and Rebecca Thistlewaite.  [Read More]

How to Raise a Hen

Okay, this isn't really a how-to blog entry on the farming of a chicken. Sorry to disappoint you, but it is instead a mere pearl in a string of realizations that I have had since getting into the farm/foodie world.

It was about this time last year that we began planning our Bike2Barn tour last year, which began my newfound hobby of farm-hopping. I am in the beginning stages of transforming into a full fledged farm fan ('fan' being short for 'fanatical'), so I consider myself lucky to have a beginners' mind, and enjoy the high of excitement and enthusiasm before I might become jaded.  [Read More]

Farewell to Pipi

We now have three backyard chickens here at home.  Until very recently, we had four. Pipi (pronounced pee-pee) is no longer with us, and good riddance! You might think of us as cold-hearted and uncaring for saying so, but we are really just bad farmers. We didn't choose for Pipi to leave us, she did. She is a murderess chicken, and slightly neurotic. Sure, she's an A-class layer, and her eggs are tasty and purdy, red-shelled and freckled, with a deep golden yolk. She's a great looking, healthy Rhode Island Red hen with a beautiful full comb and rusty-colored feathers. But, she's mean! Pipi was attacking our dear Prima, our golden chicken, aiming for the back of her neck and out for the kill. Our peaceful little team of chickens was in a state of terror, so the terrorist, Pipi, had to go.  [Read More]
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