Blown Craft Duck Eggshells FOR SALE

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Blown Craft Duck Eggshells  FOR SALE

Find Buy Here Empty Blown Cleaned Hollowed Out Craft Duck Egg Shells for Easter Art Crafts & Polish Ukrainian Decorated Eggs!

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 Regular Duck Eggshl WH $1.00  Qty:
 GiantDoubleYokerWH SID$2.50

Sorry, out of stock. 

 DoubleYokerDuckEgsh WH$1.75

Sorry, out of stock. 

 SuperJumbDuckEggsh BG$1.50

Sorry, out of stock. 

 SuperJumboDuckEggsh WH$1.50

Sorry, out of stock. 

 Reg DuckES WH SideHole$1.00

Sorry, out of stock. 

 Regular Duck Eggshl BG$1.00

Sorry, out of stock. 

 SprJumboDESH W OddHole$1.00

Sorry, out of stock. 

 Small Duck Eggshell WH$0.75

Sorry, out of stock. 

from: MamaDuck's

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Get Blown-out Ukrainian Craft Duck Eggshells

Easy to order online, with quick shipping to your door!

There are 6 sizes to order from:

Giant Double Yoker Duck Eggshell: around 3" High
Weighing 100 grams or above per egg before emptied.

Double Yoker size Duck Eggshells: just below 3" High
Weighing 90 to 100 grams per egg before emptied.

Super Jumbo size Duck Eggshells: above 2.5" High [
Weighing 80 to 99 grams per egg before emptied. .

Regular size Duck Eggshells: between 2" to 2.5" High
Weighing from 60 to 79 grams per egg before emptied.

Small size Duck Eggshells: around 2" High
Weighing under 60 grams per egg before emptied.

Tiny size Duck Eggshells: above 1" High
Weighing under 30 grams per egg before emptied.

All eggshells have a small hole is in the round end of the eggshell, unless you make a request in advance.

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We ship 6 days a week. Once your Duck Eggshells are shipped, they should arrive in 2 to 3 days by USPS Priority Mail.

Ducks live the ideal life all day long, they are Free-Ranged, eating a diet of greens, seeds and bugs, while dabbling in mud puddles and sitting in the sun. They exercise by chasing bugs and each other all day long! What could be more natural! ;-D