The Blue Ridge Permaculture Network is a group of permaculture practitioners and educators living and working in the Central Virginia Bioregion. BRPN offers classes in permaculture and ecological design for those interested in learning more about permaculture and how it can be incorporated into their lives.

Mission Statement The Blue Ridge Permaculture Network fosters the sustainability and regeneration of the central Virginia Bioregion through education, networking, and implementation of permaculture principles. We celebrate, nurture, and grow our local community creating a positive, abundant future for all.

Listing last updated on Jul 1, 2014

The Permaculture Design Course: Sustainability Strategies for the Blue Ridge

This Permaculture Design Course lays the foundation for understanding and working with natural systems to design sustainable environments that produce food, shelter, and energy. It also provides participants with models of community development and extension by which they can create networks of support for themselves and empower others to do the same. The course provides tools to help design and develop urban or rura

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