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Bluestem Farm is a four-season, diversified farm in East Jordan, Michigan. All our vegetables are certified organic. We offer a year-round, quarterly CSA program which features build-your-own shares. Our winter CSA program runs for 14 weeks, from November 24 through February 28. Farm members choose a la carte from our own organic vegetables, heritage breed, pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs. We deliver to Bellaire, Boyne City, Petoskey, and Gaylord, and the farm is in East Jordan. Membership is payable either up-front or in four installments, and we accept Bridge Cards/EBT. No GMOs, hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics are used in producing our food.

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As northern farmers, we are dedicated to producing a huge variety of food straight through the year. We rely as little as possible on external inputs. We are proud to raise heritage-breed pigs, chickens for both meat and eggs, and a large variety of indoor and outdoor vegetables. Much of the 80 acres of woods, rolling grassland, and gardens that make up Bluestem Farm have been fallow for the past 50 years. During that time, the many habitats that make up our land have been protected in an interconnected patchwork vibrant with plant and animal life. We are carefully transitioning the land back to farmland in a way that continues to protect wild spaces, pollinators, and birds. Our farming practices include careful rotational grazing, organic growing methods, and minimal inputs. We chose the name Bluestem Farm for the native Midwestern prairie grass by the same name.

Aaron and Mary Brower are first-generation farmers who spent much of their twenties and thirties traveling. In the age-old tradition of apprenticeship, we learned season-extension and cold-weather farming methods from master farmers. To us, practicing sustainable, community-based farming is just as important as growing good food. We believe that small farms play a pivotal role in the work of preserving local food supplies, decreasing energy consumption, and bringing neighbors together in authentic communities. Our food is special not only because it is healthy, local, and environmentally responsible, but also because it is delicious. As cooks as well as farmers, we delight in the beauty, quality, and excellence of our food.

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Listing last updated on Jan 14, 2015

Bluestem Farm's winter CSA program features an exciting array of foods. Build your own share from our own mouth-watering, certified organic vegetables, pasture-raised, heritage-breed pork, chicken, and eggs. Delivery is available to Boyne City, Bellaire, East Jordan, Gaylord, and Petoskey. Payable either up front or in 4 installments. We accept EBT. Get all the deatils at

Season:  November through February

Type:  single farm

Since:  2012

# of Shares:  125

Full Share:  Vegetable Share - $304 total, or $22 per week Pork Share - $180 total, or $13 per week Chicken Share - $252 total, or $18 per week Egg Share - (includes two stewing hens) $61 total, or $4.35

1/2 Share:  Every-Other-Week Vegetable Share - $154 total, or $11 per week Small Pork Share - $91 total, or $6.50 per week Chicken Share - $126 total, or $9 per week Egg Share - (includes two stewing hens) $30.50 total, or $4.35 Small Egg Share $30.50 total, or

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Boyne City Farmer's Market - Veteran's Park (Saturdays from 8am to noon) through October
Boyne City Winter Market - at the Red Barn (by the library) Saturdays from 9 to noon from October through April

Vegetables and eggs at Grain Train in Petoskey
Vegetables at Jojo's in Gaylord

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. Last winter, having learned of the Brower Family's recent foray into 4 season farming, we decided to give it a try, by joining their Winter CSA. What am amazing, and rewarding experience it has been, too! I did not consider myself exactly a novice at growing vegetables.... [more]

Bluestem Farm has allowed me to find a rhythm with making my own food at home. I've been on both sides of CSA farming and CSA membership. With the options that Bluestem has available, my partner and I were able to craft our own pick-up items.... [more]

Thankyou Mary and Aaron for all the care and effort that goes into what you produce at Bluestem! At the winter CSA potluck we felt welcome and part of a wonderful community.... [more]

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