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Canastota, New York
Family Farm

BMR Acres & BMR Acres Country Farm Store

BMR Acres in Canastota, NY, is our pride & joy. We are a small locally owned family run farm. Our farm is located on 23.5 acres of fertile mucklands in the Town of Sullivan.

We raise & sell alternative livestock such as alpacas, babydoll sheep and miniature donkeys, as well as the alpaca fiber and finished products. And of course we have free range chickens, ducks and guinea fowl running around. In addition we also grow & sell various produce items throughout the summer & fall seasons and multiple varieties of pumpkins in the fall. We have a small produce stand in Canastota on the corner of No.Peterboro & Lewis Streets where we sell our produce. One important item is that we do not use pesticides on our produce. We try to use as many natural and organic ways of production as possible on our farm.

We have just starting raising garlic & herbs and also hope to expand our produce to include many other options and varieties of locally grown produce. In the near future, we also hope to offer a pick-your-own pumpkin patch as well as to have our on-site farm store/produce stand open. Our long term goal is to be able to expand and diversify so we are able to run & promote the farm full time when we retire.

We both work full time outside the farm, so between our jobs, other commitments, and the farm, it makes for long days. It's hard work, but very satisfying & rewarding. BMR Acres wants to promote the farming lifestyle and educate the public on the importance of agriculture to as many people as we can reach, particularly to the future generations of children. We all need to help to educate and promote the value and importance of agriculture to our future generations.


Listing last updated on Dec 16, 2008

Family owned and operated farm raising & selling alternative livestock & produce as close to natural as possible as nature intended. Visit Our Farm Store Specializing in Luxurious Alpaca Products.

Schedule and Location:

Depends on items and produce available. Generally days open would be Saturdays & Sundays.

Schedule and Location:

roadside stand at 301 N. Peterboro St. Canstota-24 hours
roadside stand at 2542 Pine Ridge Rd, Canastota-24 hours

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