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Seasonal cooking has never been so much FUN!!

Bocca Felice's culinary programs reiterate the importance of expanding your range of healthy choices to include seasonal and locally-produced foods, finding a balance or sense of moderation in you diet, and becoming conscious of your body's nutritional needs....all in the spirit of fun!

Join us for cooking class each month as we focus on strategies to help improve your overall health and well-being....believing that the way you select, prepare, and enjoy a meal actually makes you healthier....Yum! Yum!

Bocca Felice will also create the perfect menu for your next breakfast, luncheon, dinner event that will be centered around seasonal and locally-produced foods! We believe in using the freshest and highest quality ingredients in all our fare, and that starts with it coming from local Barbee Farms, Creekside Farms, Miller Farm, Cackleberry Farms, Coldwater Creek Farms, Laughing Owl Farms, Goforth's Garden, Wild Turkey Farms, the Bradford Farm and our own Bocca Felice Garden!


Listing last updated on Mar 26, 2013

"Live Deliciously" by joining one of Bocca Felice's Healthy, Seasonal Cooking Classes each month, or by choosing Bocca Felice to cater your next event with a menu centered around seasonal and locally-produced ingredients!

Recognized as one of the "Best Entertainment Values in Cabarrus County"-- and it supports the sustainability of our local growers and producers too!!

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Gina's cooking classes are the highlight of my month. She is super creative and energetic and always has a ton of cool ideas. She uses lots of fresh, local ingredients and can whip up an amazing dish in a matter of minutes -- all of which we get to taste.... [more]

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