Greenlands Farm Summer Children's Camp

Greenlands Farms - Bolivia, North Carolina

GCF Summer Camp sessions are enjoyed from 8:30 am to 4.00 pm, Monday thru Thursday, include a lunch, and items made by your child on and from our farm! The camp is open to 5-13 year olds, June thru August 14, seven sessions (M-TH) for 2 age groups. (Each session is 4 days).

Throughout the week your child will experience modern homestead farming. Our goal is to bring back old farming traditions and connect with what our world provides for us today. Greenlands Farm incorporates sustainability practices into everyday life on the farm: permaculture, organic farming, composting, and rain cisterns. We believe these practices directly influence our impact on the environment, both on the farm and off.

Greenlands Farm is a true homestead farm; we live off of what we produce: fruits, vegetables, and goats milk (for making goats milk soap). Your child will be doing the same during the week they spend with us: they will eat, can, and bake what we grow! They will get a hands on experience by milking our goats and learning soap making with the milk they collect. How cool is that?! Greenlands Farm also has rescue farm animals we use to educate children about each animal: needs, care, and respect. These animals teach valuable lessons that can be applied to many facets of life.

Creating awareness of sustainable and responsible practices through homestead farming is a step towards our children changing the future of our society. Our goal isn't to encourage your kids to be future farmers, but to share with them the joy and fulfillment of working hard, respecting the environment around them, and reaping the benefits. Your child will learn teamwork, patience, and responsibility through Greenlands Farms homestead farm life: all skills that can be applied to life off the farm. Enrich your child and give an experience like no other!


Animal Husbandry: includes egg collection, milking goats, grooming ponies, and learning about a variety of farm animals - pigs, goats, llamas, chickens, ponies, sheep, bunnies, turkeys

Soap Making

Canning & Baking

Organic Farming, Vegetable Picking, Meal Prep (from what you pick!)


Farm Games, Pony Rides, and Llama Cart Rides

Start Date: Jun 23, 2014
End Date:Aug 14, 2014
Start Time:8:30 AM
End Time:4:00 PM
Organized by:Greenlands Farms
Address: 668 Midway Rd
Bolivia, NC 28422
Phone:(910) 253-7934
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