Boneset Tea - Bulk Dried Herb

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Boneset Tea - Bulk Dried Herb

Our Medicinal Boneset Herb is grown 100% Chemical Free!

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We solar dry all of our medicinal herbs to ensure the greatest amount of medicinal properties are in tact...all dried herb is FRESH and packaged in Foil Pouches to reserve freshness.

Our Boneset is 'fine' cut to use for teas or for your bulk medicinal making. Each 2 oz pouch makes approx. 60-70 cups of tea. Simply steep 1 tspn herb in 1 cup water for 10 minutes...strain and drink.

BONESET Other Names:

Agueweed, Bois Perfoli©, Crosswort, Eupatoire, Eupatoire Perfoli©e, Eupatorio, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Feverwort, Herbe   Fi¨vre, Herbe   Souder, Indian Sage, Sweating Plant, Teasel, Thoroughwort, Vegetable Antimony

Boneset is used to reduce fever, increase urine output, cause vomiting, and treat constipation.

Boneset is also used to treat influenza, swine flu, acute bronchitis, nasal inflammation, joint pain (rheumatism), fluid retention, dengue fever, and pneumonia; as a stimulant; and to cause sweating.

How does it work?

Boneset contains chemicals that might work like anti-cancermedications. It also might have some mild activity against bacteria.

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