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We are a small organic farm in beavercreek, oregon right outside portland we specialize in rare heirloom tomatoes and squash. We sell all products from 4 breeds of poultry listed as critically endangered by the american livestock breeds conservancy.

we offer eggs, meat, ducklings and chicks, all raised on our custom blended feed with locally sourced ingredients and because we will be using these birds for their dual purpose we are able to be very strict about our breeding standards. our little farm is growing and with help from our local community we can move these breeds out of their endangered status, with consumer demand, it will happen!

Listing last updated on Sep 28, 2013

Ancona duck and delaware chicken eggs and meat, ducklings and chicks, rare and heirloom seeds and plants, veggies, herbs and preserves in the summer, locally grown poultry feed. natural skincare products for you and your animals.

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I purchased my first Ancona Ducklings from Boondockers Farm 3 years ago. They were Healthy Happy ducklings and have set me up to have a sustainable backyard flock.... [more]

Just put my tomatoes into the ground, started with heirloom seeds from the boondockers. Happy, healthy plants and really nice farmers to buy the seeds from.... [more]

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We have amazing plants and seeds! drop us an email for questions


Please set up an appointment right now, hours will come soon where you can stop by. Thanks, The Boondocker's

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