Borage Leaf Medicinal Tea

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Borage Leaf  Medicinal Tea

The sweetish and mildly acrid flavored borage has often been prescribed for fevers, lung congestion, heart problems ...

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BORAGE (Borago officinalis) is a garden herb native to Europe and North Africa. Its name is derived from the Arabic abu rashsh - father of sweat, because it was used in antiquity as a sudoriforic. In medieval times, borage leaves were a popular salad green, and wine spiked with borage was considered a remedy for melancholy.

It exhibits actions that are refrigerant, febrifuge, aperient, galactagogue, and pectoral. The herb contains active compounds such as pyrrolizidine alkaloid, including an intermedine, and their acetyl derivatives with amabiline and supinin, and choline. This group of alkaloids, and certain plants (some species of spring-harvested comfrey, groundsel and senecio species, coltsfoot) that contain them, are currently suspected as possible causes of liver toxicity and cancer.

Though used by traditional people around the world for thousands of years, borage is not the type of nutritive tonic herb that one would want to take regularly over a period of months. Rather, it is more of an occasional acute remedy for fevers and might be considered safe to use as a sole agent for no more than three to seven days maximum. Other ingredients include mucilage, tannin, traces of essential oil.

Borage is used for heart and lung congestion, fevers and to promote mother's milk. Its demulcent properties make it effective against ulcers both internal and external.

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