Borage Seeds - Organically Grown herb

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Borage Seeds - Organically Grown herb

Borage Leaf is used to balance adrenal and other glandular functioning. Supports cardiovascular system.

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BORAGE (Borago officinalis) is a garden herb native to Europe and North Africa. Its name is derived from the Arabic abu rashsh - father of sweat, because it was used in antiquity as a sudoriforic.

The sweetish and mildly acrid flavored borage has often been prescribed for fevers, lung congestion, heart problems, and increasing mothers milk. It exhibits actions that are refrigerant, febrifuge, aperient, galactagogue, and pectoral. The biochemistry of this herb is the subject of some controversy where safety is concerned.

Plant: Annual. Borage is a spreading, branched plant covered with sharp, whitish bristles. The large leaves (up to 12 inches long) are oval or oblong. Blue flowers with dark anthers nod in leaf clusters at the tips of the stem.

Soil: Dry somewhat poor. Exposure: Sun or filtered shade.

Propagation: By seeds planted in spring during the first or second lunar phase. They germinate quickly. Borage self-seeds easily, and in mild climates can become a pest.

Care: The plants take up a lot of room. Because they have a taproot, they don't transplant well. They should be placed at least 1 foot apart or thinned. Planting them near tomatoes is said to control tomato worms.

Parts Used for Tea: Leaves, flowers.

References:Balch, 1997; Tyler, 1993; Wishard, 1995

* Please Note: This information is based on Traditional and Folklore Medicine which uses natural materials to support health. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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