Boxwood Cut Greenery

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Boxwood Cut Greenery

Fresh Cut Boxwood. 1lb.-100 lbs, Decorate with elegance this Holiday Season! Only place I've found on the web for amount. Quality!

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 100lbs - BULK English $900.00  Qty:
 100lbs - BULK Mt Airy $700.00  Qty:
 50 lbs. Mt. Airy $399.00  Qty:
 30 lbs. American $289.00  Qty:
 30 lbs. English - SPECIAL $275.00  Qty:
 10 lbs. English boxwood $90.00  Qty:
 10 lbs. Mt. Airy boxwood $79.99  Qty:
 5 lbs. fresh boxwood $44.99  Qty:
 1 lb. fresh boxwood $10.99  Qty:

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Your order is protected with the LocalHarvest money back guarantee.

The best and longest lasting of the Holiday Greenery, Oak Hill Organics is proud to offer a Great Deal on our Freshly Cut Boxwood for your holiday decorating, or floral event. Sold by the pound, or as a prepared long-lasting wreath, ready to display or decorate. Once your order arrives, unpack, soak in water for 10 minutes, drain and Enjoy~ (Cooler storage areas are preferred, do not freeze)

~ NEW~Product for ~Holiday Season~

In addition to our Organic English Boxwood, I am offering Boxwood which is not ORGANIC, but has not been sprayed and is being Naturally Harvested, NOW AVAILABLE. Our neighbors in Floyd county and Mount Airy, N.C., are harvesting as needed. We are offering it as a more cost efficient choice for those hard earned dollars! (See Below)

PRICES: Check my site as I am offering a Holiday SALE!! ORGANIC- OAK HILL ORGANICS English Boxwood.

~NEW ! Good 'Ole MT AIRY, N.C. neighbors have a boxwood trimming supply of old English Boxwood Naturally harvested by them, and it is quite affordable and I think you will like it.

1 Pound Organic or Mt Airy English/ or American Boxwood 5 Lbs. Organic English Boxwood / or American Boxwood 10 Lbs. Organic English Boxwood /or American Boxwood or even.... 100 POUND Purchases available!

BULK DESIGN FLORISTS ATTENTION 50 Lbs. AVAILABLE all YEAR -round! 100 Lbs. English Boxwood Greenery Organic !!

Shipping on 100 LBS Fresh Greenery is $250.00.

I am so happy EVERYONE has ~Enjoyed~

Many Blessings, Lisa Hairston

Oak Hill Organics is PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE WE can prepare Weddings, Special Occasions of all types, year round! Specializing in BOXWOOD WREATHS and GARLANDS, we are offering a mixed greenery wreath made from our Boxwood and Pine in three sizes. Also new this year's gift season is a Table arrangement with boxwood, BOXWOOD GARLAND, with the MIXED BOXWOOD WREATH, and adding a surprise addition as winter nears. Oak Hill Organics is growing thanks in part to LOCALHARVEST and the great job they do in providing farm made goods from the U.S.A ., through their website. 100% positive feedback, quick deliveries, and made to order, as they are received, delivered when YOU need them, is MY promise. Many Blessings to all, Lisa Hairston Owner and Designer at Oak Hill Organics

Each wreath is handmade for you after your order is placed. Boxwood is available cut all year. 540-745-2155