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Come visit BRADRICK FAMILY FARMS nestled in the beautiful Wynoochee Valley where we grow the most naturally healthful and delicious foods for our customers. And enjoy getting to know your farmers, exactly where your farm products come from, and exactly how they're raised!

OUR LIVESTOCK GROWS, START to FINISH on ABUNDANT, LUSH PASTURE. AND THEY RECEIVE NO: synthetic chemicals, routine antibiotics, hormones, GMO's, animal-by-products, etc. Cattle and lamb eat only grass, hay (in winter), and natural minerals--but no grain! Poultry are fed high quality feeds, pastured daily, and sheltered at night. (See for the reasons why.)

Due to the demands of our other Bradrick Family ventures, our available products vary from season to season.

Listing last updated on Mar 31, 2010

SPRING 2010--CURRENT BRADRICK FAMILY FARMS PRODUCTS AVAILABLE . . . Beautiful brown eggs from happy, healthy pastured hens! Call now to learn how to purchase eggs with the yellowest yolks you've ever seen! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CHECK BACK frequently to see what is growing on our farm for your family! . . . . . . . AND SEND US YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS to receive our most current newsletter & ordering information!

Schedule and Location:

EGGS from PASTURED HENS sold--as available--at our front door.
* CALL to LEARN how our egg stand operates.
* CALL to RESERVE a specified number of eggs weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
* $3 PER DOZEN, as of 3/31/10 ($$ subject to change)

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