Brambleberry Permaculture Farm LLC

Paoli, Indiana
Family Farm

Brambleberry Farm is a small permaculture-based market farm and nursery with about an acre-and-a-half of garden beds with a maturing fruit-tree based "food-forest" cradling the northern arc. We use sheet mulch on our beds and do not till them--all tools used in the garden are simple hand-tools. Thus we have a great model that can be applied to smaller home gardens without use of gas-powered machinery. We do have occasional tractor-based chores like mowing, hauling, and occasional disking for forage plantings.

Our home systems utilize a variety of permaculture models, such as rainwater collection, greywater treatment wetlands, composting toilets, and a passive-solar greenhouse in which we raise our own seedlings and cuttings. It also heats our home and provides some fresh foods for us in the winter.

A growing component of our farm is a small fruit and berry nursery. This has met with great success from the public, and we have been able to turn good profit from it. We graft, root cuttings, and start from seed perennial fruit, nut, and berry varieties that are adapted to Midwest conditions and have good potential to be productive with organic growing practices.

Currently we are developing a 3 acre pasture by rotating different species of livestock through it to improve the soil with their grazing, manure, and trampling behaviors. Plans are in place to start planting a mixed orchard within this system to increase the yields of the given acreage once the trees mature. We incorporate a small drove of pastured hogs to our rotational grazing routine. These are American Guinea hogs, a rare heritage breed that is smaller, friendlier and more adapted to foraging. We now are also managing a fledgling herd of Finnsheep which we will breed up to be a major species component to the grazing regime. Finnsheep grow fabulous fine wool sought after by hand-spinners, and also have very fine flavored meat. American Buff geese are the third species we graze--these will eventually breed and we plan to raise and sell pastured geese for the table at Christmastime.

We also manage a small flock of Welsh Harlequin laying ducks and Chinese geese that contribute eggs, meat, and manure. We value these poultry almost as much for their serious work ethic as for their sellable products!


Listing last updated on Feb 22, 2010

Support and education for other homesteaders is a central part of our mission. We propagate and sell varieties of fruit and berry plants that are well adapted to thrive under organic management. We also offer American Guinea Hog breeding stock for sale. This small, friendly and hardy breed of hog is perfect for homesteaders wanting to raise pastured pork for thier own table without purchasing "feeder pigs" from conventional operations.

Schedule and Location:

on the square in Orleans, IN, Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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