Broad River Pastures

Broad River Pastures is a small family farm dedicated to promoting nutrient-dense food and protecting heritage breeds. We focus on education, sustainability, and humane care of animals. We do not use any chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides on the land. We are exploring various farming methods compatible with our values to enrich the soil. We participate in conservation of soil and watershed. In addition, we strive for nutrient dense produce by using minerals, soil inocculants, and other sustainable permaculture practices to support a rich soil microbiology. We practice soil testing and are developing a rich compost product using inputs from our own farm.

We welcome visitors by appointment only and have a vibrant intern program for aspiring farmers. We welcome applicants at any time. Our next opening is projected for August, 2014. We also work with local weekend homestead students. Frequent updates on farm activities can be found at

Our free-range poultry are on pasture from sunrise to sunset, then enclosed into coops for predator protection. The ducks have access to a pond during daylight hours. Our pedigreed, heritage meat rabbits are in large, clean, wire cages in the fresh air and sunlight with shade and water at all times. Our Gulf Coast Native heritage wool sheep and Guinea Hogs are rotationally grazed within temporary electric fences, permanent cross fences, and woven wire perimeter fence. Our lamb is pastured and grass fed. All livestock is supplemented with land and sea minerals to promote their health and to increase the nutrient value of the meat and composted manure.


Listing last updated on Jan 23, 2014

Flexible Farm Trust CSA - What you want, When you want it. Free Range on Pasture Duck and Chicken eggs - fed a soy-free feed.

  • Critically endangered heritage rabbits: Pedigreed American and Silver Fox.
  • Critically endangered sheep: Registered Gulf Coast Native for meat and wool fiber
  • Critically endangered hogs: American Guinea Hogs
  • Wool fiber and rabbit furs for sale.
  • Seasonal Produce, herbs, and pecans

  • Season:  Year round

    Type:  single farm

    Since:  2012

    # of Shares:  20

    Full Share:  Flexible rates: $125; $250; $500 - draw down like a gift card

    1/2 Share:  Read the description. The CSA works like a gift card. You can charge up your balance after it's spent with $50 deposits.

    Work Req?  No

    Schedule and Location:

    Athens Locally Grown online Farmer's Market 2 weeks per month.
    Washington-Wilkes Farmer's Market first Saturday of each month 9-12
    Online sales of Lucky Dog Liver Treats, unshelled pecans, and wool fiber.

    Schedule and Location:

    By appointment only on farm. 706-283-7946.

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    Our family farm recently purchased our first quad of BEW Beveren rabbits from Broad River Pastures. The rabbits are beautiful and have done very well in the transition to their new home at Suwanee Creek Family Farm.... [more]

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