Brown Tempest (Hardneck Garlic)

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Brown Tempest (Hardneck Garlic)

Species: Allium sativum - Subspecies: Ophioscorodon (Hardneck Garlic)

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One of the Purple Stripes, Brown Tempest bulbs will average around 1 ¾ inch in size and typically contain 6 to 9 cloves per bulb. This can be a hot, tasty garlic when eaten raw. Cooked it is very smooth. Nice hardy plants that do well in harsh winters.

Garlic varieties are broadly classified into two main categories: hardneck and softneck. The primary difference being that hardneck varieties produce a flower stalk and are often termed topsetting or bolting varieties.

Softneck garlics are very productive and produce smaller but more numerous cloves per plant. It is the easiest to grow and very adaptable in many climates and soils. The garlic flavor ranges from very mild to very hot.

The Hardneck garlic produces a woody flower stalk. The cloves are generally much larger and easier to peel. Garlics of this type have more complex and interesting flavors. Hardneck garlic is most closely related to wild garlic.

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