Bucks Maple Barn

I Chase Buck am currently employed full-time on my family's dairy farm and opened up my maple syrup business in the winter of 2007. Maple syrup production has been a tradition in the my family for over sixty years, with my grandfather, founder of Buck Hill Farm, as my greatest influence.

Buck's Maple Barn has started to produce over 1,000 gallons of maple syrup a year. A majority of our sap is collected through sap line, however, since many of our maple trees are found in our cow pasture we still rely on hanging approximately 2,000 sap buckets, a not so sought after method nowadays. If you have any questions regarding the maple sugaring process I would be glad to answer them via email. I work hard to make sure we deliver a quality product from the tree to your table!

Listing last updated on Feb 28, 2011

Wood Fired Maple Products!!

Syrup, Candy, Cream, Sugar, Popcorn, Peanut Brittle. many more!

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