Buckwheat Honey - Raw and Crystallized !

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Buckwheat  Honey - Raw and Crystallized !

Buckwheat Honey: Really Raw, Unheated, rich and good. Naturally Crystallized.

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Buckwheat Honey in food grade deli tubs ( if you need honey in Stand-up bag, please order from our other listing :)

Buckwheat blossoms produce a pungent honey with a molasses and malty flavors. Because of its darker characteristics, buckwheat honey is known for containing rich enzymes and its high antioxidant properties. Note: crystallization changing honey color from dark to light. Gentle Heating honey to 99 F will bring honey back to liquid.

Great choice for baking, brewing, and mead.

Our honey is really raw and unfiltered. This honey will / can be partially to fully granulate over time. And this is truly a nice rich dark raw honey. Food grade containers 1 lb or 3 lb each ( note: shipping insurance are optional as addition to honey and valid only with honey purchase, most orders w/ shipping insurance, over 1 Lb, will be shipped USPS Priority mail) )

Our really raw honey will crystallize / granulate ! ( please do internet research about Honey Granulation / crystallization ) also, google: buckwheat barn smell ( all pure raw buckwheat honey have that smell ! ) P.S. We do not sell in glass, only plastic food grade regular deli containers.

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