Buckwheat Honey - Raw Unprocessed Unheated.

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Buckwheat  Honey - Raw Unprocessed Unheated.

Buckwheat Honey: Really Raw, Unheated, rich and good.

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Buckwheat Honey.

Buckwheat blossoms produce a pungent honey with a molasses and malty flavors. Because of its darker characteristics, buckwheat honey is known for containing rich enzymes and its high antioxidant properties.

Great choice for baking, brewing, and mead.

Our honey is really raw and unfiltered. This honey will / can be partially to fully granulate over time. And this is truly a nice rich dark raw honey. Food grade containers 1 lb or 3 lb each ( NOTE: 25 pounds = food grade white pail 1 ea net. wt. 25 Lb) ( note: shipping insurance are optional as addition to honey and valid only with honey purchase )

Our really raw honey will crystallize / granulate ! ( please do internet research about Honey Granulation / crystallization ) also, google: buckwheat barn smell ( all pure raw buckwheat honey have that smell ! ) P.S. We do not sell in glass, only plastic food grade regular deli containers.

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