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Surprisingly, buckwheat is not a grain nor a grass. It is, in fact, the seed of an herb related to rhubarb. It originated and was cultivated in the cooler parts of Central Asia, and it was the Mongols who introduced it to Northern, Central and Western Europe.

During the 17th century Dutch settlers introduced it to the Hudson Valley of New York.

When buckwheat seeds mature the plants are harvested and stacked to dry before being thrashed. The hull is then milled, once or twice, to obtain the flour. The more milling, the whiter the flour will be.

Buckwheat flour doesn't have a speck of gluten, so it's perfect for people who are allergic to wheat or for diabetics. It has to be mixed with wheat flour to make raised breads though.

Whole buckwheat grains, when lightly toasted, can be cooked like porridge or rice.

Has anyone out there tried a buckwheat hull pillow? Sleeping on one is supposed to help people who suffer from back and neck

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